Today’s post is sponsored by the Women Not Objects. My opinions are my own as a mother of three daughters. 

#WomenNotObjects ad

Watch this video and then let’s talk about how women are being used to sell, sell, sell with their bodies and not their brains. Then let’s talk about how to stop it! The Women Not Objects Campaign video is going viral and I can see why!

Now let’s talk. Did that make you mad? Was it uncomfortable to watch? Did it enrage you for the little girls growing up in a culture where an app about a sex tape star’s butt is one of the top apps in America?

It did me.

As a mom of three girls, this conversation not only needs to happen, it is long overdue. I, personally, at 43, don’t remember growing up with this over saturation of female body parts selling everything from a sandwich to cologne. I honestly don’t. Maybe because I was outside playing most days and not in front of the television or maybe because things have changed. Drastically.

The #WomenNotObjects campaign is looking to start a conversation around the objectification of women in advertising. It’s time to stop using women as objects. It’s not how women want to be spoken too and it is nothow to market or sell products to them.  We are not objects – we are your mothers, wives, friends, sisters, co-workers, bosses, employees, etc.  

Women Not Objects Video is Going Viral for all the Right Reasons #WomenNotObjects #ad

We, as women, need to stand up and start fighting back. I am a successful owner of a small business raising little girls who do great in school, have kind hearts, a giving spirit and a yearning to succeed. I am not the shape and cleavage of my breasts, the length of my legs, the roundness of my butt, the red on my lips. I am a WOMAN and I am powerful, intelligent and have a voice that I can raise for goodness and acceptance with my clothes completely on.

How can we make that point? We can share this video. Talk about it with our friends and family. Make a note to speak out on social media to companies who objectify women to make a buck. We CAN make a difference. It just takes a commitment to see a healthier image of women for our little girls to grow up with!

This is not a movement for feminists. It is not a movement for the fringe passionate activist. It is a campaign for all the moms, sisters, daughters, fathers, brothers and humans out there that are more concerned with raising a culture that succeeds based on their merits instead of on what is between their legs!

**Note – this is not normally a video I would post. But the power of it spoke to me and I think that the shock value can start a serious conversation. So please keep that in mind.** 

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