We have another FANTASTIC giveaway for the hard working, stressed out, deserves a day of pampering Mommies out there!  And this one is just as awesome as the Mommy Outdoor Survival Kit that I just gave away!

So get your clicking fingers ready – you are going to want this prize pack valued at over $330!

First, let me extend a thank you to our fabulous host, DermagistDermagist is complete skin care line designed to set itself above the rest!  The anti aging line (in this package) including the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, the Instant Effect Lifting Serum and the Dynamic Age Defying Serum, among others, and is leading the anti-aging industry with unique and proven formulas!

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Lucky for me – and for YOU – these three products above are IN this giveaway package!  I have only had these one day but I can tell you that the smoothing cream goes on smoothly and cleanly and that the entire product line is designed for daily, effective use!  I am SO excited to see how it works for my almost 40 year old skin in the next few weeks!

Just these Dermagist:  Miracle Cosmeceuticals for Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging products retail for almost $300!

Now, let’s take a stroll into a relaxing evening with your Mommy Relaxation Kit

First, of course, you treat your tired skin cells to the luxurious, anti-aging creams and serums from Dermagist.  Feeling a little better and a little younger, but still needing some pampering, you pull out your Bella 100% Cotton Favorite T Shirt!  Perfect for that sit down and sip a glass hot tea after the kids have gone to bed, relaxing shirt!

You slide your tired feet into the softest of the soft (and they ARE soft, I have mine on right now!) Cotton Terry Velour Spa Slippers.  Ahhhhh….

You spritz a little of your sample of a most luxurious fragrance – oh my GOSH this smells amazing – Le Labo Fragrance Sample and wonder how long before you can convince your husband to buy you the full bottle for $220.   Smelling and feeling oh so beautiful, you start to warm a cup of water so you can enjoy a cup of  Chamomile Citrus tea that you made with your Loose Leaf Tea & Good Cool Tea Ball Infuser!  The starter pack contains enough for 12 warm, comforting cups.

While the tea is steeping, you light some 5 Minute candles for ambiance.  Nothing like nice candles flickering on the table with the beautiful melodies of  The Greatest Works of Mozart playing softly in the background.  This Classical Legends Collection will soften your mood and give you that authentic “I am at a luxury spa so can you please go put that kid back to sleep, hubby?” feeling.

With your tea in hand, you reach and open your Greyston Bakery Ben & Jerry’s Inspired Brown Sugar Blondie Brownie.  I’ll give you a moment to imagine how good this tastes!  As you are indulging, you will know that the Do-Goodie Brownie you are enjoying sends all of its profits to the Greystone Foundation to support jobs, childcare, health care and housing for the underprivileged.

You’ll set your tea and your brownie on the side table for sipping and nibbling and then get lost in the bestselling book, Mom: A Celebration of Mothers from StoryCorp.  A wonderful collection of inspirational stories of advice that has been passed from mothers to children throughout the generations, as told by the women themselves.

After you have indulged in relaxation that you truly deserve, you will be able to store your Dermagist Relaxation Package goodies – well the ones that are not in your belly – in your Authentic Vintage Swiss Army Bag.  Not only a great accessory for kids snacks or a casual, stylish bag for an afternoon at the soccer game, but this bag can house your precious loot and keep it far from others reach!

This is a beautifully put together package that takes into account every possible need you could have on a night to relax!

WIN it NOW by clicking the [continue reading] button and GOOD LUCK!