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Back to School Organization 2.0  - win all of this great stuff to help you get re-organized

In this house there are 2 back to school seasons. Season one occurs the few weeks before school starts. The clothing shopping, school supplies lists and the perfect backpack are chosen. Season two starts about the time the first report card comes in. School supplies are lost or broken, shoes are destroyed and things start to disappear. About this time I realize that organizational system I had in place was a bust and that I need to come up with a better one. Pencil bags laying around the house just won’t cut it! So, come this time I start my Back to School 2.0 Organization strategy. I need to organize, fix and get it all back together. Luckily, with DAP Products in my home, like DAP RapidFuse All Purpose and the DAP® RapidFuse™ Plastic Primer Kit, I am ready to tackle it all!

Back to School Organization 2.0 - DAP Products can help you fix anything!

So much so that I am also giving one of YOU the same Back-to-School Organization kit that I got! Just enter below the post!

Now, let’s talk about some of the things that you can do with DAP on your side to help regain some control over the chaos that has ensued over the last 9 weeks!


Locker door décor

Take a school locker from drab to fab by using DAP RapidFuse All-Purpose Adhesive to glue magnets to the back of mirrors, pen cups, clothespins or other decorative objects for cute and practical locker door décor that can be hung without damaging the locker. RapidFuse is water resistant and more durable than typical super glues, making it the best option for the job. Bonus project: to create a locker chandelier, start with an inexpensive push light (found at hardware stores) and adhere decorative ribbons or gem stones to the outside rim of the light.

Back to School Organization 2.0 is a real thing for any busy family!

Backpack zipper pull

For a backpack that won’t get lost in the crowd, adhere a ring and clip to the back of a wooden ornament. Squeeze a bead of adhesive onto the metal ring and press onto the back of the ornament for 30 seconds. Once dry, clip onto backpack zippers to create stylish pulls that reflect your kid’s interests! But don’t stop there, liven up your pencil case while you’re at it so it doesn’t get mistaken for someone else’s.

Back to School Organization 2.0 - get a calendar that sticks to you can stay on top of things

Personalize binders and lunch boxes

Visit a craft store and allow kids to choose decorative patches, buttons, gemstones or even fabrics. The hard-to-bond plastic surfaces typical of binders and lunchboxes are no match for DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit. Once you’ve decided on décor placement, use the primer pen, wait one minute, apply your RapidFuse All-Purpose Adhesive and press together. Also great for quick fixes around the house, the RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit ensures a strong, clear bond on all plastic surfaces, allowing you to keep your cherished items, instead of tossing them out.

Teacher appreciation gift

Back to School Organization 2.0 - adding mosaic tiles to plastic is easy with DAP

Introduce yourself to your new teacher with a small teacher appreciation gift, like a pen holder or desktop organizer. Glue on letter tiles and spell out their name or subject – or apply small beads of adhesive to fasten a fun note or name label to extra school supplies you’re donating to the classroom.

For more information to help tackle back-to-school décor and projects, visit https://blog.dap.com/category/adhesives/.

How fun are these? Now, in our house we have already used the DAP RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit to fix a broken handle on a lunch box and to reattach a plastic piece of a locker mirror so it can be used again. I keep both of these awesome products in my junk drawer so that I can grab them and fix all of the things that get broken around here!

Now that you know that you are not the only one who has lost total control and needs a Back to School Organizational 2.0 do-over, here is what you can WIN!

Back to School Organization 2.0 - a bamboo tray is included in the giveaway

  • 12×12 double-sided letter board (felt letter side and chalkboard!)
  • Brother P-Touch Cube Smart Bluetooth Label Maker
  • Expandable bamboo drawer organizer
  • Magnetic dry erase calendar
  • Desk organizer project – perfect for home or a teacher appreciation gift:
    • Mosaic crafting tiles
  • Plastic portable pencil holder/desk organizer
  • DAP samples: RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit, DAP RapidFuse All Purpose
  • DAP’s latest release, DAP® RapidFuse™ Plastic Primer Kit, is the quick-fix glue everyone needs on hand. No matter the repair – rubber, metal, glass, wood, plastic – this new kit offers a fast and flawless repair bonding effectively anything and everything, including all plastics!

Back to School Organization 2.0 = labels make organization easy!

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