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‘Inspiration’ is one of those words I hear where I automatically want to know the story behind it. I want to know what people do to earn that title. I want to hear how someone’s action affect others and I want to learn how to be the same. People have said I am inspiring and I guess I am in some areas. But, truth be told, there are people out there everyday making real change to the world and other’s lives by their actions. I am sure there is someone you know that inspires you! Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen has the food that we all love to eat and an atmosphere that we all want to connect in! They also love inspirational stories and want to reward those who, not only share their story, but the person the story is about as well. A simple share of your story could win you and that inspirational person you appreciate $1000!

Cheddar's want to know, Who Inspires You?

The world has so much good to offer. All you have to do is scroll through Facebook and pause on those heart felt, wonderful stories that remind us that we all are inherently good! A photo that touches our heart, a video that makes us laugh out loud or a post about someone overcoming the odds with people next to them who always believed. This is who we are. The more we share, the more we inspire others to spread the goodness too!

That is the who idea of the #InspireGoodness idea from Cheddar’s. To reward us for sharing the goodness around us!

Cheddar's is asking Who Inspires you?

Who inspires me? My girls. All three of them have huge hearts, a love for animals that is almost unmatched and a desire to help others. On a daily basis they remind me of the innocent goodness that we all are born with. They make me see the world with new eyes and to see a positive where I think only negatives are. It is hard not to be in a good mood when they are around!

Others inspire me too. People who rescue animals. People who try to help kids in need. People who try to help the homeless, who help their neighbors, who sacrifice their time and efforts to make the smallest difference that has the biggest reward. It does not take much.

My daughters are always the answer when  someone asks Who Inspires You?

Inspirational stories make me feel warm and happy. Just as a meal at Cheddar’s does. Their warm and delicious comfort foods that are just like grandma used to make is the perfect setting to sit with my girls and enjoy. Made from scratch favorites, like Chicken and Vegetable Alfredo, pairs with kids meals that they love and desserts that we all love as the backdrop for laughter and antics! The atmosphere allows them to be kids and the prices allow me to treat more often!

Who Inspires You to be a better person?

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