A few weeks ago I posted about a Puppy Prep Kit that I was making with Milk-Bone® products like Pup-Peroni, Milo’s Kitchen and Milk-Bone® treats.  At the time, I was torn.  Though I wanted a new puppy badly, I knew that there are shelters crammed with abandoned puppies and dogs that need our help!

So, I had a hard decision to make.  But first… I wanted to put together my Puppy Prep Kit so that it was ready to go, no matter what option I chose!

I shopped at Wal-mart because, let’s face it, they have the selection and price that I am looking for.  So I headed to the Pets section and rediscovered all of the wonderful things that puppies need  – treats, food, toys, a collar, a leash… and so on.  I picked up the Milk-Bone® Soft and Chewy treats, Milo’s Kitchen’s Chicken Meatballs, Pup-Peroni treats and more.  My idea was that if I gave it to the shelter, the puppies would have something special and if I kept it, I would have soft treats to break up and train my little him or her with.

I got home and took all of my goodies, the puppy bed, the leash and collar and the toys I received and put them all together.  I think, and not just because I made it, that it is the BEST puppy prep kit ever!  Anyone would be so happy to get it!

And do you know who else thinks so too???…



 Yes, I did it!  I got online and found myself an 8 week old male Bichon Frise that was headed to a shelter by owners who got him as a gift and could not keep him because their lease did not allow dogs!

See more photos of Tag here:

Granted, the shelters need help too, so I wrote my usual check and mailed it the day after I got little Tag – or Bailey – or Bentley – or Bailey Flower Tag Bailey.  It depends on which child you ask!

But, I am really glad we have him and I am glad I made this choice.  He would have certainly ended up in a shelter and was in need of care.  He was covered in fleas – I have never seen so many fleas on a dog – had worms and needed some love.  I think the previous owners loved him but he was just a lot to take care of – as most puppies are – which is why they end up in shelters and the check I wrote is so important!

But, in our home at least, we are super excited to hand the Milk-Bone Puppy Prep kit over to my new little boy!  And now I have fulfilled my want to rescue a Bichon Frise and to add to my four legged family!

Merry Christmas to me!

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