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Who Buys the Ingredients that go Into Your Dog's Food

I have a confession to make. I have never made Thanksgiving dinner. Like. Ever. I am 45 years old and, aside from the occasional side dish, I simply show up and eat. Whether it be at my mom’s house or a friend’s house, I just have never had a reason to cook. I have never hosted Thanksgiving and probably won’t until my kids are grown and I have their families over. That being said, I love all of the food that is served. From the Yams to the turkey to the gravy and sweet rolls. There is just nothing better. Like anything else, though, the meal is only as good as the ingredients that go into it.

Ingredients are the backbone of any dish. They are the source of nutrients, flavor and complexity to any menu. I care about what goes into my family meals and that includes my dogs. When I look at ingredients for my dogs, I think the same things. Am I serving the best? Are these ingredients leading to better nutrition, a healthier coat or a better life for them.

Who Buys the Ingredients that go Into Your Dog's Food like in Just Right by Purina

But who buys the ingredients that become the kibble I feed the dogs and what are their though on what goes into the food?

Just Right by Purina ingredient buyer, Viktoriya Gossage, talks about what she does and how her decision making about the ingredients that go into our dogs foods are just as important as the ingredients that go into our food in the article, 7 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Dog Food Ingredient Buyers.


Just as you and I search for the best ingredients at the best prices, so does Purina. When I am making something my family loves, especially around the holidays, like my Leftover Biscuit French Toast, which, by the way, is a perfect recipe for those leftover Thanksgiving Rolls, I want eggs that are perfect, butter that is all natural and biscuits that I can make from scratch with ingredients I trust!

Who Buys the Ingredients that go Into Your Dog's Food + Leftover French Toast

Just Right by Purina is the same way. In fact, there is a huge correlation between the pet food industry and the human food industry. Things like GMO-free, local sourcing and all natural are trending in our food industry. It is the job of ingredient buyers to make sure that the pet food industry and human food industry are aligned.

However, ‘We’re not going to include certain ingredients just because they’re trendy; the core of a Just Right blend will always be purposeful nutrition. But honestly, the fact that there’s always so much to learn is my favorite part of my job. The world of dog food is always evolving, and I have to evolve with it by learning about the benefits of new ingredients and how to properly source them, while trying to give dogs and dog owners what they want too.’

In fact, there is so much emphasis put on the ingredients in the dog food industry that our dogs often eat better than we do!

“Ingredient buyers chuckle about this, but it’s sometimes true. Because of our incredibly high standards for ingredients and nutrients, our dogs often eat better than we do! Why?

  • In some cases, the standards for safety and quality dog food surpass those of the human food industry.
  • We can track an ingredient from the time it enters our plant to the time it ends in a Just Right blend on your doorstep.
  • Plus, your dog’s diet is 100% complete and balanced at every meal. Humans on the other hand…Try as we might, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 9 out of 10 American adults have a nutritional gap. Oops.”

I am certainly one of the 9 out of the 10!

Who Buys the Ingredients that go Into Your Dog's Food like Jack

My dogs mean the world to me. I adopted them, often saving them from a life of turmoil, and want them to live the longest, happiest life possible. So knowing that there are people out there like Viktoriya Gossage that are helping make their food wonderful for them just makes me feel better!

You can see the whole article on the Just Right by Purina website. There are some really interesting things in it that will help us all understand the massive undertaking of creating that bag of Just Right by Purina that we feed our pups!