For a few years now my 6 year old has been asking for a television in her room.  She sees other kids her age with them in their room and thinks that is pretty cool.  I have a hard and fast rule that there will be no TV’s or computer’s in their rooms… well… ever.  And, so far, I have stuck to it.

Now, here is an interesting debate.

Bed time is a complete nightmare in this house.  It always has been.  I have tried so many different things that I could write the book, “101 Things NOT to Do When Trying to Get Your Three Children to Bed at the Same Time.”.  I fail at everything except final exhaustion that sends them to sleep and me to tears.

I have asked and asked moms who have no issues with bedtimes and a recurring understanding is that their kids all have televisions in their bedrooms.  They are only allowed to have them on at bedtime, only for 30 minutes, and only with a DVD.  No remote, no kids control.  They all say that they let the kids watch a program, the sleep timer turns it off, and then when the TV goes off, the kids close their eyes and fall into a peaceful slumber.

I am SO tempted.  SO, SO, SO tempted to let this happen in my house.

Despite that I hear it is terrible for kids.  Despite that the saying is “TV is the plug in drug!”.  Despite my own beliefs.

Because I am tired of the 2 hour fight at bedtime that has resonated through my house for at least 5 years.  And I am tired of tired children that don’t get enough sleep.  And I am tired of being tired and dreading bedtime.

So, I am turning to you.  My RESPECTFUL and honest readers.

Do you have TV’s in your kids rooms?  If so, how do you see it helping or hurting them?  And for those of you who are adamant, how do you get three kids, under 6, all to bed at the same time without a battle?

Please be respectful of comments.  There is more than one way to raise a child.  I know this is a heated subject! :)