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What to Do When You Can't Get an Appointment with Your Doctor - go to CareNow

All parents know that if something is going to go wrong with our kids, it is going to happen at the most inconvenient time!  If they start vomiting, it is at 3:45PM on a Sunday. Fall and break an arm on the playset? That will happen at 7:00PM on a Tuesday evening. If they develop a weird rash that no one on Facebook has ever seen, no matter what angle you take the photo from, it will be Friday at 5:30PM, right after the doctor’s office closes.

What is a parent to do when we can’t get an appointment with our doctor? Luckily, CareNow Urgent Care centers have made it easy to land in that spot between annual checkups and major emergencies.

CareNow Urgent Care offers convenient access to quick healthcare with over 100 clinics across the country. Walk-Ins are always welcome and you can check in online to wait from home and feel better fast.

Hours and Locations

What to Do When You Can't Get an Appointment with Your Doctor - they have long hours and weekends

I have 3 CareNow Urgent Care centers near me of the over 100 locations throughout the US. I just have to drive about 10-15 miles in any direction. For a girl *technically* out in the country, that is not a bad drive at all. It is about as close as the nearest ER and closer than the girls’ Pediatrician’s office.

The best part, for me, is that my CareNow Urgent Care centers are open from 8:00AM-8:00PM** and from 8:00AM-5:00PM on Saturday’s, which, let’s face it, will cover the weird times my kids manage to develop a condition that needs immediate, but not emergency, attention. **Check the location closest to you for their hours. 

Web Check-In

I love that CareNow Urgent Care has Web Check-In services. You can go onto the website, choose your appointment and then arrive when you need to! Walk ins are welcome, of course, but this can help with your schedule as well!

When you get the call from the sitter than your one year old is spitting up everything they eat and you are stuck on a bus trying to get home from work, knowing you have a set appointment can really take some stress away.

Multiple Services

What to Do When You Can't Get an Appointment with Your Doctor - and wait less

Not Only does CareNow Urgent Care have the services you need in a pinch, but they also have other ones you may not know about:

  • X-rays
  • Sports physicals – which are needed when your child plays any sport or takes any physical education class throughout the school year
  • Flu shots

For Your In-Between Needs

Sure, I take my kids to their doctor for their annual checkups and anything else that can be scheduled out. I have also used the ER on two occasions for dehydration and a deep cut on my daughter’s finger. But what do I do when I can’t get into my doctor’s office but do not have a massive emergency situation either?

In-between the doctor’s office and the ER is where CareNow Urgent Care sits. They can handle most incidents for children and adults.

By the way, as part of my research for this post, I went and looked at the reviews for the 3 CareNow Urgent Care offices in my area and found nothing below a 4.6 review rating on hundreds of reviews! As a mom looking for a place that I can trust that will consistently deliver excellent care, those reviews matter to me!

Take a moment to locate your nearest CareNow Urgent Care and put the phone number and address in your phone. That way you are ready for the inconvenient time that junior is going to start having explosive diarrhea!

For more information about CareNow, check out their blog.