**I received some product in exchange for this unbiased conversation from NRG Home Services about the aspects of a Home Warranty.** #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

Do you know what a home warranty covers? Learn more at NRG Home Services! #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

Let’s face it, there are a lot of warranties and coverage options out there that claim to help us protect our home. But, even if you think you have read the fine print, some things are just not covered. Like roofs. I have never seen a warranty that covers the roof. Insurance, yes, warranty, no. But there are better plans than others out there and I am a BIG believer that if all of the ‘fine print’ is easy to understand, then a consumer knows what they are getting into. So I love that I can go to the NRG Home Services Home Warranty page and can clearly see what is covered in my warranty!

Now, one thing. Coverage does not mean that the warranty company pays 100% of home repairs should you have one. My A/C unit went out shortly after I got my warranty and NRG Home Services was an intricate part of my being able to replace it. They did not pay 100% of the replacement cost, as most warranty only covers parts and not the whole unit, but did cover some which made it much more affordable for me.

You might be surprised what a home warranty really covers. #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

But what I like about NRG Home Services is that they lay out exactly what they cover right on their website in an easy to read and understand format. Just click the + signs on the house for the details! Just doing this told me a few things that NRG Home Service Home Warranties cover than I never even considered! Here are a few that surprised me!

Re-Key Service – This would have really come in handy when I was going through my divorce. My ex liked to walk in unannounced and I paid out a lot to get my house re-keyed! If I had this warranty, they would have re-keyed 6 keyholes for me!

Re-keying is part of NRG Home Services Home warranty! #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

Pest Control – I had NO IDEA that Pest Control could be covered under a home warranty! It makes sense as it is less of a cost to prevent damage from termites and other bugs than it is to repair them but I had no idea! This is a great service that can save big over pest control companies over the year!

Garage Door openers – My garage door opener is old. I keep waiting for the wiring to fail or the unit to stop. So far, so good, but at least I know that when it does, I can call NRG Home Services and use my home warranty to help get it fixed! There is a great comfort in that!

The regular services like AC parts, ductwork repair, blockage and leaking from plumbing and so on are also covered. Most companies cover the basics. But NRG Home Services also allows you to upgrade to cover your refrigerator, washer and dryer set and even to cover the costs of things that need to be updated to current code! The $200 Freedom fund is great for older homes, like mine, where codes are changing.

Call on NRG Home Services for an easy to understand Home Warranty. #NRG #Reliant #NRGPowersMe

I am an advocate for home warranties. I have saved way more than the warranty would cost me in just one repair to the AC unit this year. There is peace of mind when you have one. Even if it does not cover everything, just knowing help is around the corner is a HUGE burden lifted!

Check out the plans, the costs and the coverage on the website and get the comfort of a home warranty now!