I had the great privilege last Wednesday night to be a VIP guest of Chevy’s at the Semi Final matches of the Gold Cup Soccer event.  Yea me!

My “special” guest was my daughter, Katie, who is now a lifetime soccer fan.

After parking right next to Reliant Center, she and I made our way to the Chevy tent!  We put on our Chevy Youth Soccer backpacks with our free Gold Cup Soccer shirts inside, and slipped our premium tickets around our necks!  She and I looked around at the amazing cars – I would like the yellow Camaro please, while we waited to be escorted to the field.

YES – you read that right, we got to go to the field!

Escorted by our trusty guide, Tori, we headed underneath Reliant Stadium, through the tunnel and out to ground level!  I felt so cool!

And WOW – talk about a once in a lifetime experience!  Not only was famed soccer veteran Daria Sala in our group, but we got to stand right behind the goal as the teams were warming up.  In the stands behind us were some very enthusiastic American fans who kept the chants and songs going the whole time.

Katie and I reveled at the speed that the balls were coming at us and were thankful that there was a net there.  Though many a time a wayward ball made its way to where we were standing.

Several times I told our guide that we usually are in the nosebleed section of Reliant Stadium for events so to be this close to the action, with just a handful of other people, having our pictures taken like we were rock stars, was very, very cool.

We talked to other VIP’s, watched the teams warm up, and celebrated with the American’s for about an hour.  And then it was time to go to our seats.

Sitting mid field on the first level, I let Katie go nuts!  She had popcorn, hot dogs, and cotton candy.  We did the wave with the crowd, befriended the 16 year old female soccer player and dad from Katy, TX, and just soaked it all in.

See our fun night in pictures!

The USA scored part way through the second quarter and the crown went wild!  What an experience!  And that one goal put them in the finals in Los Angeles tonight against Mexico!

As Katie and I headed home later that night, a little tired, a lot happy, and new fans of American soccer, we talked about our favorite parts of the evening.

Her response was, “I liked everything and everything else.  It was so cool Mom!”

I’d say that about sums up my appreciation to Chevy for the chance to take her to such an awesome event!

See the CONCACAF Gold Cup Soccer Finals between the USA and Mexico at 9pm ET, 7PM CST!

Check you local listing for channels!

Chevy & Youth Soccer: The Chevrolet Youth Soccer program is a grassroots, community outreach program geared toward supporting local youth soccer leagues through donation of equipment, $500, and two (2) free soccer clinics!

**I was not compensated for posting about this event.**