**This post about how to Tame Those Summer and Fall Mosquitoes is in partnership with Mosquito Joe. All opinions are my own.**  #ad

Tame Those Summer and Fall Mosquitoes with Mosquito Joe

Fist of all, I owe you all an apology. You went through the summer getting eaten alive and I did not tell you in time about Mosquito Joe. However, having just come in the house from the back yard in October in Texas, I can tell you that THEY ARE STILL HERE! I don’t know if Hurricane Harvey blew them all in but I just got eaten alive and am now in need of Mosquito Joe again.

Back in the summer time months when the mosquitoes were so bad that the kids and I could not even go outside, Mosquito Joe of NW Houston & S Brazos Valley came to the rescue. They brought their trucks, they very informed mosquito killer and their special formula spray and made it possible for the girls and I to go outside again.

I live on an acre in what most people would consider the country. I just consider it a country neighborhood inside of a small city. We are a private neighborhood, however, and when the bugs get bad it is up to us to try to tame them. We don’t have the city coming through and spraying every so often. But I have been worried about hiring someone because of my kids and pets. I certainly don’t want to put anything in the yard that could harm them.

Tame Those Summer and Fall Mosquitoes with Mosquito Joe and play outside

Luckily, Mosquito Joe is safe for them all!

Our main barrier spray products use synthetic forms of pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are the natural byproduct of the Chrysanthemum flower. Synthetic pyrethroids have a similar chemical structure as the pyrethrins, and are used in numerous commercial products such as household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos. The products themselves are water-based, mixed in water and will not harm plants.

We also use a natural garlic spray, similar to the garlic in your kitchen but more strong and potent. We use this product around ponds, vegetable gardens, flowering shrubs and flowers so not to harm aquatic life and pollinators (e.g., bees).

All of our product are EPA-registered.’

None of these items are harmful to pets or kids so I felt great about it.

As for results, we were told that because I have open fences – as opposed to board privacy fences – that I may not see as much of a reduction of the population as those with privacy fences do. The spray lasts longer, apparently, when it has that fence to adhere to.

Tame Those Summer and Fall Mosquitoes with Mosquito Joe and play bug free

However, the girls and I went out about an hour or so after spraying and could play outside with  noticeably lesser mosquitoes than we had before.

I am due for a spray again, as indicated about, but this is the first time I have notices a population coming back since my two treatments.

If you are like me and can not stand not being able to be outside due to the out of control mosquitoes we have, call Mosquito Joe of NW Houston & S Brazos Valley. They are reasonably prices, can spray for special events, can maintain the population for you and so much more!

How bad are the mosquitoes still where you are?