The writing is on the wall.  My husband and I have officially traded date night for family night-  at least for the next few years.  And we are OK with that.  Because, let’s face it, having a great night with the crazy, loud, hysterical children that we created is the best celebration we can have of each other.  So, we have instilled Family Movie Night every Friday night.  It works for us.

What has not worked for us is finding an easy, quick way to get a movie into our home that is current, high quality and does not skip!

Thank you, Walmart, for your new instant HD movies that I can watch the same day they are released on DVD through my internet wired TV, my XBox360, my Playstation 3 and on my PC and more!

Pretty cool, right?

So, this Friday, I loaded up my whole family and took them to Walmart for movie snacks so that we could watch Hop on that night through our XBox360!  My husband, kids and I were super excited – and apparently quite hungry – because we loaded up on everything not good for us.  A rare treat, we got pizza rolls, chicken fingers and even onion rings.  Popcorn – of course – was on the list and so were the recently forbidden cookies!

It’s family night – we got to cheat!

Check it out!

We had a BLAST watching our kids bargain for certain things – Megan won on the candy aisle – and then I strolled over to the movie section to learn a little about  Did you know that you can take your DVD’s to Walmart and have them converted to digital copy that you can watch on your TV?  Yea, you can store them in the Cloud.  NO more DVD’s lost due to scratching from your children hurling them across the room!  How COOL is that?

More excited than ever to get home, sign up for and watch Hop with forbidden foods and my wonderful clan of craziness, we checked out and headed home.

I logged into, signed up and was on my way!  I saw that most movies were $3.99 – $5.99 and offered the options of SD viewing (the cheapest), watching in HD or HDX.  Plus, when you set up the first time, you get a $4.99 credit!  So Hop was free for us and that made me very happy!

I had many options on how to watch Hop with my family and chose to use my Xbox360.   I have never watched a movie through my XBox so I was really excited to test it out!  Surprisingly, it was very simple!  Not as simple as getting a movie instantly on, but close!

Once I was set up on XBox Live, I downloaded the Vudu App and wala – Hop in an instant!  Literally, an instant.  I ordered it and the green screen with the rating popped up right away!  And in the 48 hour window that we got to watch it -and we have watched it more than once – we pulled it up with a click!

So great!  I love it.  I love that I can watch a New Release movie on HD the same day it comes out on DVD.  And right in my living room.  Surrounded by great for one night food, the kids that give me my greatest joy and the man that made it all with me!

Check out and see how easy it is to watch movies in your home too!  And get some fun food. ‘Cause that is just the way it should be!

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