Memorial Day is HERE and the 4th of July is right around the corner!  It is time to start planning those back yard BBQ’s!

Last weekend I invited my neighbors, my friends and anyone else that I could think of over for a good, old fashioned BBQ!  The sausage was on the grill, the chicken was ready to go and the burgers and hot dogs were prepped for the kids!

One thing I did not want to give my guests was bug bites!  You can see in my BBQ Prep post that the mosquitoes and insects in Texas are out of control!  And this year looks to be the worst ever!  So I needed to make sure no one left early because the bugs were munching on them!

Prior to the party we sprayed with the Cutter Backyard Bug Control Concentrate and the Cutter Backyard Bug Control Fogger and it was working like a charm!  But I am glad that I had the Cutter Natural Insect Repellent and the Cutter Natural Outdoor Fogger because as persistent as these bugs are here in Texas, we needed the extra protection.  Especially for our kids!

Check out this video below to see how incredibly easy the Concentrate is to use:

During the BBQ – which was a mix of laughter, good food and lots and lots of great conversation – I shared a few facts with my guests that they might not have known.  For instance, did you know that that the Backyard Concentrate and Fogger can protect for up to 8 weeks and can treat up to 5,000 sq ft?  In addition, the beautiful and stylish CitroGuard candles is the only EPA-registered citronella candles?  I also love that the new Cutter Dry formula uses a water-based, corn starch formula and leaves less residue for a light, clean feel on skin that lasts for hours!  Plus it is safe for family members ages 2 months and older!

See my fun BBQ here:

I also shared 5 Tips for Summer Fun from Dr. Gwenn, Cutter’s Resident Summer Fun Consutant:

– Stay Hydrated.  This may seem like a no brainer but, in reality, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrating!  So make sure there are lots of water cups and bottles around for you and your kids throughout the summer!

Use Sunscreen.  So often we go out and run errands or do something and I forget the sunscreen.  Even if it is a quick trip outdoors, it is important to protect your skin and your kids too! Carry convenient sunscreens in your car too!

Wear Helmets.  My kids think I am a big pain in their ear because I tell them they have to wear a helmet on their bikes and scooters.  But I bet I would not be a pain when they are in the hospital room with a head injury!  So my whole family wears them to prevent such an event!

Be on the Look Out.  Watch your kids around water and around summer traffic in your neighborhood.  No one wants their summer fun ruined by an accident that could have been prevented!

– Remember Repellent.  Bugs can cause illnesses.  The best way to protect is to use the right repellent for your family.  Cutter has something for everyone and every yard!  Check out the entire Cutter Insect Repellent line!

And I can tell you, the stuff works!  There were a few bites in the beginning but by the time everyone was sprayed and the candle was lit, there were no bug irritations!  It even worked on the people who were riding the unicycle.

Yes. Unicycle.  Now that was some crazy Texas BBQ fun!

I’ll be back soon with my Cutter BBQ wrap up to tell you more about their product line and why it is so important to protect your whole family!  I know all of my guests appreciated that I had it on hand at my Summer BBQ!

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