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Enjoy summer without tragedy by making water safety a priority #MakeSafeHappen #IC #ad

Ahhh, summer. In all of it’s fun and adventure lies the need to keep our kids safe the entire season. As you know, because you all follow me on Instagram… right?, the girls and I have been enjoying our summer at water parks and resorts and the neighborhood pool. But as summer goes on I think sometimes we forget that kids, even good swimmers, can still get into trouble in bodies of water. So as we hit the midway mark, it is a good time to remind myself that the same vigilance and watch that I gave my kids at the beginning of the season is still needed! A reminder about water safety is always appreciated!Let them play but watch them too. Summer is a long season.  #MakeSafeHappen #IC #ad

Almost 800 children drown every year, many under the age of 5. Between May  – August is the most crucial time to watch our kids and to make sure they are safe. I will admit that the more water parks we hit, the more we go to the pool and the more I get my youngest swim lessons, the less I worry. However, I still try to be as vigilant as I can whenever we are around water! Check out this video from Nationwide about water safety:

As a mid summer reminder, kids need an adult with them when they are in any body of water. Whether it be the family swimming pool or the lake, kids  – even older kids – can have accidents. The sooner you can get to them, the better the chance that they will be OK. So let’s remind ourselves of our responsibility as parents.

  • Active Supervision Eliminate distractions like checking social networks or email and stay within arm’s reach of young swimmers at all times.
  • Reduce Risks Install fences in swim areas, empty kiddie pools and tubs immediately after use, and provide swim lessons to children as young as one.
  • Be Prepared Learn CPR** and First Aid, know the signs of drowning and keep a phone close in case you need to call 911.

**American Red Cross offers CPR training online and in-person. Visit the website to learn more:

While you are diligently watching the kids in the pool, help remind them of how to be safe in the water too! Print out this water safety ‘what is different’ page and let them hunt while you talk!

What is different water safety free printable #MakeSafeHappen #IC #ad

Do you have a water play date in your future with your kids? Make sure you are brushed up on how to be safe so that the rest of your summer is as awesome as the first part of it!