I love Walgreens Drug Stores.  They have everything I need from prescriptions to diapers to shampoo.  And they are everywhere which makes them convenient.  Years ago, my best friend worked at Walgreens.  She was a pharmacy tech for 10 years and absolutely loved it. Walgreens has that old time, small town feel while still providing modern features and innovative ideas!

Like the Balance Rewards program!  The Balance Rewards program rewards YOU just for shopping online, in store or on the Walgreen App!  Since you do that anyway, it is just a no brainer to presign up for the program! Right?

Check out the video below for more info:


Basically, the Balance Rewards program, which STARTS September 16, 2012, gives you points on items you buy.  As you accumulate your points, you can choose to use them to purchase products for free, save on things you already buy, fill prescriptions and so much more!  AND, you can earn 10 points for Walking with Walgreens!  Get healthy and motivate AND get points to use on everything that you do anyway at Walgreens!

I love this!  Especially since I like to shop online, in stores and on the Walgreens App for my items!

Check out how easy it is to sign up and shop!

Yep, I can order everything from shampoo to Pull-Ups right from the app.  In fact, the other day I ordered some essentials after presigning up for the balanced Rewards Program and it was SO EASY!

All I did was download the app from the iTunes store – they have it for Android too and it is FREE – and start shopping!  I needed some lotion, some shampoo and conditioner and some Pull-Ups.  I could have gone to the store for these items, sure.  But then I would have had to load of three kids, use gas to go to the store, unload the kids, listen to them ask for everything from candy to toys to fun shirts and then deal with them on the way out when they did not get some candy.  All for a few items that I need within a few days!

So the Walgreens app came to my rescue!  Shopping, ordering and paying were super easy and I had everything done in less than 5 minutes!  And after the launch of Balanced Rewards, I will have earned valuable points to help me purchase these items for less in the future, no matter how I spend them.  They translate online, in store and on the app!

Pretty cool right?

And to get you even more excited about Balanced Rewards and signing up NOW, Walgreens is giving away – are you ready for this – 1 MILLION Points  to 10 WINNERS who preregister for the program!

1 MILLION POINTS to 10 different people!

Thing of all the Pull-Ups I can buy with that!  Wowzers, that would be awesome.  Especially since a loaf of bread is 500 points, cookies are 200 and so on!  Shoot, filling a prescription is only 500 points!  It would take a long time to spend those 1 Million Points!

SO sign up NOW and get your shot at 1 million points!

The sweeps ends SEPTEMBER 15, 2012 at MIDNIGHT so HURRY!

And remember, you can shop online, in store and on the Walgreens app for quality items anytime and earn points on it all!


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