I have learned the hard way this month that illness can be expensive.  Especially if you are hospitalized and released with a myriad of prescriptions that need to be filled, refilled, or added to.  I left the hospital with 6 medications a week ago and since then have had three more to my regimen.

While the Doctor’s try to figure out what is going on with me, I needed to figure out how to save some serious money on the medications I need to keep me well and out of the hospital!

My favorite pharmacy for years has been Walgreen’s.  My best friend worked in one for 10 years and I got to know them and the quality of service they always offer on my many visits to see her on her shifts.  I never have a problem finding a location, the pharmacist and staff are always nice, educated and working hard to get you in an out and it is clean, organizes store!

But I still need to save money on my medications.

Knowing that Walgreen’s had a new – well, new to me – Prescription Savings Club, I took my documents from the hospital to them.  I wanted to see what it was all about and if even I, an insured patient, could benefit from the #RXSavingsPlan.

See my entire experience below:

I walked in and resisted the urge to shop like crazy as I noticed summer fun items, make ups, personal care items, whimsical novelty items and more.  I would have to shop later when I was feeling better!  I needed my meds!

At the pharmacy, big as day, was the sign talking about the Savings Plan.  $20 for an individual, $35 for a family of any size.  It may not seem like much but I still wanted to see what it could offer me as a benefit to my insurance!  Otherwise there was no point.

So I asked the pharmacy tech behind the counter if this was a program only for the uninsured and she said, “Absolutely not!”  She explained that insurances don’t always offer great coverage on some medications and that the Savings Plan acts as a rider.  So, if I went to have a medication that were covered, but only 70% of the cost, and it would be cheaper with the Savings Plan, I could opt to use the Savings Plan instead!

That sounded pretty good to me.  I could choose the lower priced option.  When does that ever happen?

So the pharmacy tech and I stool there and signed up my whole family, costing me $35 for the year.  It was really easy. Names, birthdays, address, allergy notations and done.  That’s it!  Super simple!

She handed me my paperwork, my six prescriptions, showed me how I saved $35  – hmm -the cost of the plan – by using it and I went home.  A few days later, back at the Doctor, I was prescribed three more medications.  I headed to Walgreen’s to use my Prescription Savings Club membership!

On this trip, it was cheaper on two of the meds to use my insurance.  But on the third, my prescription was $5 as opposed to $235.  Yes.. that is a true story!  With insurance, I would have paid $35.

And here are some other things I learned about the Walgreen’s Prescription Savings Club:

– Members ear rewards to be redeemed in store on freebies like Photos and Nice! Walgreen’s Brand Products.

– Over 700 value generic medications are specially priced and offered under a three-tier structure:

  • Tier 1: $5 for a 30 day generic prescription or $10 for a 90 day prescription
  • Tier 2: $10 for a 30 days generic prescription or $20 for a 90 day prescription
  • Tier 3: $15 for a 90 day generic prescription or $30 for a 90 day prescription
Look at what you spent on your last prescription and tell me what you would have saved being a member!
In addition, members get:
  • 10% bonus added back to your card when you purchase Walgreens and Nice! brand products and photofinishing services
  • 10% discount on Take Care clinic services
  • Discounts on nebulizers, diabetic supplies, and immunizations

I really like this program and hope you take a moment to read about all of the benefits that it offers.  8,000 drugs are included on their qualifying list so you know yours is probably there!  And with a family, not knowing what tomorrow brings as far as flues, infections and more, it just makes sense to have a plan that can help you saving as a rider to your insurance!

Check out Walgreen’s Prescription Savings Plan and sign up online!  They will mail you your cards and then you will be all set to save as much as you can on your prescriptions!
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