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The HOLIDAYS are Coming!! The HOLIDAYS are Coming!!  I don’t know about you but I am Christmasing it out this year! I have my kids this year and I want to make it the best ever. So the inflatables – I might have an inflatable problem – the decorations, the tree and the Elves are out and ready to make this year the best ever. Regardless of how good my house looks, though, I always face the challenge of getting the perfect gift for that perfect person to show them how much I care.  But, with so many places to shop, so many people to get something special for and a wallet that has limits, sometimes it is hard to know where to turn for quality gifts. I have always loved the stop and shop stores like Walgreens to get something special and unique without the large crowds and crazy prices! This month, they released their 2013 Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide and I was lucky enough to get my hot little hands on one early.

Get fun and affordable gifts from the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

There are those hard people to buy for. We all have them. The ones that deserve a show of gratitude the most but are the hardest to shop for. I have my Dad and Mom.  Mainly because they always say that they don’t need anything.  But I never know what to get them. And I think they are tired of fuzzy holiday socks.

So I have been pouring over the Happy & Healthy Guide that came in my mailbox and I *think* I have come up with some ideas. You can also see the guide online at Walgreens.com. I am a Balance Rewards member so no matter how I stop, I will earn cash back and more. I highly recommend that you all sign up for it! It’s pretty cool!

Get fun and affordable gifts from the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

Anyway, back to those fun gifts that they will love that you did not even know you had on your list!

My dad is not a huge tech guy. He has a tablet I gave him but is happy with a basic cell phone. However, I am not sure if the phone he uses allows for Bluetooth and I would love if he could answer the phone hands free in his car. So for just $20 with my Balance Rewards card, I can get it for him. Add to that a Wireless Activity and Sleep tracker and my active Dad can keep track of what he does all day! I could stuff all of that and more into a DAD stocking and watch as he opens a whole lot of things in one big gift!

Get fun and affordable gifts from the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

My mom is a little harder. She has particular make up and perfume that she uses. So deviating from that probably won’t go over well. So, as I scour the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Gift Guide, I see a warm – oh so warm – Living Solutions® Sherpa Throw! I may even throw in a massage pillow with heat for her neck. Oh she would be so snuggly and warm after working so hard to make the holidays special for her family. I would also like to show her how awesome her activity that she makes an effort to do it by getting her a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Monitor! I may even get one for me!

Add to these great gifts a TON more for kids, pets, aunts, uncles and more and you are all set with quality gifts at affordable prices from Walgreens!

Get fun and affordable gifts from the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

OH – and there are COUPONS in the back of the Guide AND there are discounts site wide through the Holidays too! WOOT!

Pick up your Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide today and come back and tell me what you are getting for those you love!

Get fun and affordable gifts from the Walgreens Holiday Gift Guide #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

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