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Back to School is both an exciting time for our household and a busy one. This year, I have two going to elementary school. Katie will be entering 2nd grade and Sarah will be heading to Kindergarten. My little one, Megan, will be heading to three day preschool. I don’t know what I will do with such a quiet house, to be honest. But I am thrilled that they are so excited!

In all of the craziness of back to school shopping, new backpacks and reintroducing them to a consistent bedtime, I sort of forgot about their back to school physicals that are needed. Especially for my preschooler. I called my Pediatrician a few weeks ago, and – no surprise here – they can not get the kids in until after school starts. So it was to plan B!

The other day, my local newscast had a report on drop in back to school physical locations and Walgreens NEW Healthcare Clinics were top on the list!

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic is Fast and Easy #cbias #shop

When I saw this, my interest was immediately peaked! I, myself, do not have medical insurance nor do I have a Primary Care Physician, so this option with the trusted name behind it was certainly something I could benefit from.

More importantly, however, and more urgently, I had a preschooler that needed a back to school physical and I had to get the form back to the preschool this week. So I gathered my kids and headed to our local Walgreens to see if I could get her in!

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We walked in after a short drive – doesn’t everyone have a Walgreens in their neighborhood? – and found the Healthcare Clinic in the back of the store. I noticed that physicals usually cost $60 but until September 30, 2013, they are only $39! My co-pay for the girls at the Doctor is $25 so I thought this was a great price.

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic is Fast and Easy #cbias #shop

We were greeted by a super nice woman who told us to use the computer kiosk to sign in. She said there was no wait and, in the future, if I wanted to know how long I would wait, I could check Walgreens.com/Clinic for an update. How convenient is that? I can also set an appointment online too!

There was a teenager there as well, trying to get her sports physical, and she did not have a legal guaradian with her. The woman told her that they were open later than a traditional Doctor’s office – until 7:30 at my location – and the teen was relieved to know she could bring her mom later.

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic is Fast and Easy #cbias #shop

We got in almost immediately and, I have to say, the professionalism that was exhibited from the helper to the Physician’s Assistant, was amazing. It looks and feels like a real Doctor’s office and Megan was checked out thoroughly.

The Physician’s Assistant told the girls that they loved taking care of healthy and sick kids and that they were always there for walk ins whenever mommy needed them. I took note of that for me too and was so glad to see that I had other options at affordable prices just around the corner!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics take regular insurance for other ailments – Physicals are a flat fee of $39 right now – and offer check ups for the state mandated vaccines too. They have elderly care offerings and ongoing care for conditions you might have.

Walgreens #HealthcareClinic is Fast and Easy #cbias #shop

Check out all of the awesome services and offers that Walgreens Healthcare Clinics offers you and your family. If you are new to your area and don’t have a Doctor yet, have a Physician’s office that is always hard to get into, or have a minor illness or routine care appointment need, turn to Walgreens. As an added bonus, the Pharmacy is right on site!

Are your kids heading back to school? Do they need a physical for sports or otherwise? Check out Walgreens Healhcare Clinic and let me know what you think!


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