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Summer is winding down but in Texas, the temperature is heating up! While we have two weeks until school starts, I want to close out summer with a bang! So I have some necessary items on hand to do that! Like Unilever Ice Creams from Walgreens! In our little country neighborhood, the ice cream man never comes. While I would love the experience for my kids, why Wait for the Truck when I can go up the road, shop at Walgreens and get favorites like Popsicle, Magnum (OK, these are for me… ), Frutare and more?

Unilever Ice Cream at Walgreens #IceCreamRun

The other night I did just that. The kids and I stopped at a local Walgreens and picked up some favorites so that we would have the popsicles we wanted in our freezer at any time!  I love stopping at Walgreens for the little things I need. In this area, the grocery stores are huge, the lines are long and the hassle of dragging three kids in for 1 or 2 items is always an unpopular idea! Walgreens is east in and out and they have what I need quickly.

The other day, on one of the hottest of the summer, the kids were complaining of boredom and I was complaining of lack of end of summer creativity. One of them reminded me that my brother had given them a slip and slide for their birthdays so I opened it up, set it up and the entire family had a blast!

Unilever Ice Cream at Walgreens #IceCreamRun

After cooling down with water, the girls wanted some snacks. I opened the freezer and products my Unilever popsicles and they were instantly happy! I did not have to wait for the truck that would never come.

Something as simple as everyone playing on a Slip and Slide and sitting together to have ice cream treats can end summer with wonderful memories that they will carry forever!

Unilever Ice Cream at Walgreens #IceCreamRun

How do you end summer with a bang? I would love to know!

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