I have a confession to make.  I will avoid answering the phone in my house because I know that the minute that I pick it up, my kids will start wanting things, complaining about something or try to take the phone from me to play with.  It drives me nuts and I feel sorry for the people on the other line who have to listen to me say, “Mommy is on the phone… please walk away!” fifty thousand times!

So, I just don’t answer it.

But a few weeks ago I received a new way to talk to family, friends, business associates and telemarkers because I became the proud owner of a VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking Phone System!  Not only is this sleek, looks so great on my desk system clearly a superior phone to any other I have ever had but it gives me something I don’t get with other phones!


For a mom, that word is golden.  Because the reality is that no matter how many kids you have or whether you work in or out of the home, there is some sort of gene in children that alerts them the second the phone rings!  They can go from playing happily to raging screamers in one ring flat!

But with this phone – especially the cordless headset – I can hold my children, prepare their meals, help them fix a broken toy, change batteries on electronics and get them their milk without so much as a, “Hold On” to the person I am talking to!  And I have decided that the kids don’t so much care that I am talking to someone else but that my hands are not totally free to do whatever it is that they deem important at the time!

I especially love this phone and the lightweight, sophisticated headset when I am on a call for business!  I can type and talk without using one hand to hold the phone or keep it balanced or screaming into a speaker!  But if I do need to use the speaker phone on the handsets – the model comes with two handsets – the clarity is amazing!  This phone has HD Audio and you can tell the difference the second you start talking on it!

I can have both hands free to work and talk to a Client!

Another GREAT feature the LS6475-3 Multitasking Phone System sports is an answering machine!  And not the old time, scratchy, unreliable machine that drove everyone nuts but an easy to use, clear, answers every time, easy to use, answering machine!  Add the caller ID and this phone has it all!

Seriously, I now use this more than my cell phone when I am home because it is so easy, beautiful and functional for a busy mom who was, unfortunately, not born with three hands!

I can make dinner and still talk!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I can tell you, this would be the PERFECT gift for any mom (and mom blogger!).  And with FREE SHIPPING from the VTech website, you can get it and enjoy watching the hard working woman in the house gain back the FREEDOM to talk to whom ever she wants and still complete the tasks at hand!

I can hold my daughter and still talk... very important for moms!

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 I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.