**I received the VTech CareLine SN6197 for review only in partnership with Mom it Forward. All opinions are my own.**

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I don’t see my parents as elderly. In their early 70’s they are as active and vibrant as ever. They walk everyday, help my sister with her kids and come sit for my kids days on end. I still see them as young and able bodied to do anything they want. But, unfortunately, as life goes, one day they will still want their independence but will worry me because of failing eyesight, balance and more. So, even if it seems premature to them, I am happily giving them a VTech CareLine SN6197. It is more than a phone system. It could be the thing they need to get help should something unforseen happen!

VTech CareLine SN6197 Makes Your Loved One Feel Safer #VTechCareLine AD

The VTech CareLine SN6197 is a phone and a reliable personal safety system. Basically, in conjunction with a base with large buttons that are easy to see and use, a wireless handset and a corded one, the system comes with a safety button a person can wear around their neck. They can program the button to call emergency numbers should something happen. As long as it is programmed and they are wearing it should they fall or have an emergency issue, they can hit the button and immediately get help. There is no monthly monitoring fee and the device is small and easy to see and wear!

Now I know… our parents and grandparents will never have an issue. Except that they might. I would feel a lot better about anyone who might need help having a device that can save their lives.

VTech CareLine SN6197 Makes Your Loved One Feel Safer #VTechCareLine AD

Another great plus, the VTech CareLine SN6197 gives people who may not be comfortable living alone their independence back. They can live in their home knowing that they have a lifeline should they need one. I don’t know about you, but I know that I would want to be in my home as long as possible without having to burden my daughter’s with my care. A system like this would make that possible for longer.

The system boasts immediate emergency contact with the push of a button, no subscription fee and a lightweight, easy to wear and see device that can be used anywhere in your home.

More details are below:

Complete System: The CareLineTM Corded/Cordless Answering System with Pendant makes it easy to communicate with family and friends, while a portable safety pendant puts you in touch with the help you want—from anywhere in your home.

Portable Safety Pendant: Everyday conversations and emergency calls are just a speed-dial button away. Wear it around your neck or clipped to your waistband for the most mobility at home.

Voice Amplification: Increase the volume of incoming sound by up to 40 decibels so conversations are easier to hear and understand.

It also boasts:

• No monthly monitoring fees.

• Voice Announce Caller ID.

• Big buttons and large displays.

• Photo speed dial

VTech CareLine SN6197 Makes Your Loved One Feel Safer #VTechCareLine AD

I think that if you are going to have a phone line, you might as well have one that offers additional features that enhance your lifestyle and confidence in your safety. The VTech CareLine SN6197 can give your grandparent, parent and even babysitter or caregiver that additional line to help should they need it. That could be priceless!

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