Watch VINTAGE TROUBLE tonight, January 15, 2013 at 11:35pm EST/ 10:35pm CST on your local NBC station!

I have fallen deeply in love with a new band, Vintage Trouble, and it only took about 20 seconds of their first track on their album Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Session Encore Edition to do so.  The rock and roll mixture with a blues undercurrent courses through the air with the power of truly inspiring music.


Feel this album deep in your core as you take in the ridiculous guitar riffs in songs like Run Outta You and drink in the deep blues influence as illustrated in Blues Hand Me Down.  Every song on this album sounds different, a feat rare in today’s manufactured pop star environment.  This is real music with passion, creativity and story telling woven into expert musicality.

I am simply in love with this band and have been listening to the album continuously since downloading it onto my computer yesterday morning.  I can not get enough of the feeling that I am sitting in a little blues bar watching a rock and roll band give everything that have to leave it all out on that stage.  My kids have even gotten into it and want me to ‘play it again’ as they dance around to hot tracks like Total Strangers (sung live), one of the three bonus songs on the Encore Album.


As you can tell, I am more than excited to have been introduced to them!  I can not even close to tell you if I have a favorite song but Nobody Told Me is amazing and I want to hear it over and over again!  So when I found out that they were going to be on Jay Leno TONIGHT, January 15, 2013, I had to get myself prepared to dance around the living room in my polka dot pajamas acting a fool as I absorbed their unique music!  I don’t even care what song they sing, I just want to hear (and SEE them) them in front of an audience!

And as we moms know, you can’t sit up late and watch someone you love on a show without some serious snacks at arms reach!  And, I’m sorry, but the fruit snacks in the cabinet were not going to cut it.  So I loaded my kids up on a cold and rainy day – dedication – and headed to the closest store to me, Dollar General.  It is quickly becoming my go to store when I need milk and quick groceries or cleaners.  It is right down the street, as affordable as any retailer and I avoid the 15 minutes line I run into other places!

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Plus, I promised my girls a small little something if they came with me and behaved and Dollar General has the least expensive toys!

As I strolled along the aisles looking for inspiration for my time alone tonight with my new favorite band, I was again struck by how much Dollar General carries.  Way more than a convenient store and with the variety of a large retailer, I found everything I needed in less than 10 minutes.  A HUGE bonus for a mom with the tag-alongs.

Dollar General Snacks #VTLeno #cbias

I found everything from beef jerky to candy to chips to milk to ice cream to toys.  I added to my cart what I thought I would want later this evening when the peace of babies sleeping was overtaken with the throaty voice of the lead singer (Ty Taylor), the fluidity of the guitar (Nalle Colt) and the divine collaboration of soulful but modern music that is Vintage Trouble.  Richard Danielson on drums and bassist Rick Barrio Dill round out this amazing quartet.

Ahhhh…. a mom’s night at home with a new favorite.  Does it get any better?

Dollar general Snacks #VTLeno #cbias

Who is going to join me?  Head over the Amazon now and listen to the sample tracks and GET THIS ALBUM!!!  Then tonight, join me as I take them in on Jay Leno and hit rewind time and time again so I don’t miss one single note!  Follow the Twitter Hashtag #VTLeno for info and commentary too!


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Dollar General Snacks #VTLeno #cbias

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