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I know, I do not have teen daughters. But I will have them soon enough and I am already worried about making sure they have what they need to be healthy from the inside out. The staggering statistics for teen girls and calcium are enough for me to already start learning about products like Viactiv and how they can help both teen and adult woman alike get their calcium needs met.

Viactiv Calcium Chews

Here are the facts: 86% of teenage girls have calcium-deficient diets (overall, 68% percent of adult women are calcium deficient). For teen girls, however, this deficiency comes at a crucial time for bone health, since 95% of bone building occurs by the time she’s 20! Can you believe that? I was stunned and then started thinking about it. Though my kids love milk now, they are slowing down on the amount they want and I can see it going away in the next few years.

I don’t know how teens are about taking supplements – I would not have taken big ole horse pills – but the chewy, flavorful taste of Viactiv might be just the thing to help girls stay on top of their calcium needs! More than that, it can be a supplement that we adult women will actually take too!

I have had the Caramel and Milk Chocolate Viactiv supplements in my house for a few week. Taking these little chewy bites of goodness is nothing. I almost feel like I am having a piece of candy! Who does not want some candy with their coffee? They are easy to chew, easy to remember and taste really great!

Viactiv Calcium Chews

If you have a teen daughter or even girlfriends who may not understand how important calcium is, pick them up a container of Viactiv! They will thank you for it one day!

How do you get your calcium? Have you tried Viactiv? What did you think?

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