I love Mother’s Day.  And not because I am a mom and love the hand made gifts and lopsided pancake dinner with too much syrup.  But because I have the opportunity once a year to do something for my mom and my husband’s mom.  Some years I am more creative than others but the one gift I know that will go over wonderfully with both of them are photo gifts.

And one of the most affordable, fun sites to create them is Shutterfly.com!

The great standby that I like is the photo book.  I can gather together 25 or 30 photos and let Shutterfly place them in the book for me.  Or I can do it by myself.  I can center, crop, add enhancements and more.  It takes about 30 minutes to make a gift that will last a lifetime.

But this year I might go a little away from the “norm”.  Did you know you can make your own photo iPhone cases now on Shutterfly.com?  How cool is that?  I may be doing this for MY mother’s day!  Take a picture of your kids, your dog, your mom or your sweetie and carry them with you everywhere!  I just think this is so awesome!

Another great gift for mom would be some personalized stationary!  Choose a favorite photo or choose from the pattern that Shutterfly.com offers and make a truly special gift that mom will love!  Every time she wants to send you a note reminding you of something else you need to apologize for in those teenage years, she’ll smile and let it go!

Whatever you choose for your mother, sister, grandmother or mother-in-law this year, you can not go wrong with a personalized photo gift from Shutterfly.com!

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