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As you can imagine, I get a lot of packages year round.  But now, especially during the holidays, the UPS man is a good friend!  However, there is nothing that irks me more than expecting a package, waiting all day for it and then missing it during the 15 minute run to go get my daughter from school!

So I have taken less than a minute and signed up for UPS My Choice delivery notification service!  I just entered my address, user name and password and I was ready to go!  With this unique and FREE service (for basic memberships), I can not only track my packages, I can customize my home delivery time, date and location, have alerts sent to me when my package is about to arrive and I can even reroute my packages mid-shipment!

It is perfect for those packages that have to be signed for, awesome for the Christmas gifts that I don’t want delivered when prying eyes can see them, and ideal for helping me schedule my day!

If you want and need more specialized instructions, like where to drop the package, from the porch to the back of the house!  Plus you get a 2 hour delivery window and more, you can sign up for the Premium service for only $40 a year!  A $5.00 transaction feel may apply to any membership upon completion of a delivery!

Head to UPS now and sign up for My Choice for FREE!   And then relax and enjoy taking the worries of where your packages are, when you will get them, and scheduling your day around your deliveries off your list!   I know I’ll be happy to!

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