Unilever is committed to donating more than two million meals to families in need with Feeding America and every item on your shopping list counts.  Show your support by adding Unilever brands to your cart next time you shop.  Together we can help to Cross Off Hunger.

A week or so ago I told you what it was like for me to start out life hungry and very, very poor.  I got quite a reaction to that admission and it surprised me, to be honest.  There are millions of children who are hungry and dirty and living in unhealthy conditions because their parents simply do not have enough to take care of them.  And because I came out of it and am committed to make sure that my kids never know that, I want to do all I can to help other kids avoid that reality too.

Unilever #BetterTogether

So I am honored and humbled to join Unilever and their amazing line of products to try to make things a little better. I want to help Cross off Hunger and make life just a tad better by getting things they need.  So I headed to Target to gather what most food pantries never get donations of; toiletries.

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On a daily basis I use a lot of Unilever products.  From Lipton Tea that I drink religiously throughout the day to Suave Shampoo that my kids love because it smells so good and has bright, fun packaging to Q-Tips and Bertolli Pasta to Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  Brands that I buy because I can trust that they will work and taste good time after time.  I actually never realized how many Unilever Brands I used until now.

But despite having what we need in our home, we are also concerned that the rest of the world and generations to come have what they need.  So we are trying to live a sustainable lifestyle one step at a time.  We turn off the water when we brush our teeth.  My kids and I are trying to throw less away and recycle more.  We are washing our hands and sanitize to try to prevent spreading anything to anyone else.  But we could do so much more and, with ideas and suggestions from Unilever, we will be able to.

Unilever #BetterTogether

And I work daily to make sure my girls know that not only are they intelligent and beautiful, but they also have the tools within them to withstand tough times and the power to work through them no matter what it takes.  Raising children with self esteem and confidence can only help us to sustain healthier, balanced lifestyles that come from knowing we are all worth it.

Feeding America(R), the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks.  $1=8meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.  Unilever will donate $250,000.  The monetary equivalent of a minimum of 2 million meals will be donated.

With all of this on my mind and my desire to try to do something, no matter how small, I am glad that I took my kids with me to buy products to donate.  I drove them over and handed them to the pantry.  The man who took them said that they never get toiletries and wished they got more.  I thought that was so sad.  Yes, we all need to eat – absolutely – but in our donations we need to remember that after the food, we need to clean up.  And for families like the one I grew up in who had nothing, a shower with soap would have been really nice every once in a while.

Unilever #BetterTogether

So let’s all band together this Holiday Season and gather not only foods, but shampoos, soaps and other every day essentials that we are blessed to have in our bathrooms and give back just a little to someone who needs it.  We can Cross off Hunger, teach our children to live more sustainable and do it all #BetterTogether!

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 Unilever #BetterTogether

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