I am tired of waffles for breakfast.  Not for me, but for my kids.  Ever since Kindergarten started this year, that is all I hear.  I have gotten up early, making everyone late while I try to make a better breakfast for my kids.  But making something they will eat takes time and dishes and complaints.  And then they ask for a waffle.

Tyson Sausage Breakfast Bread Bowls have changed all of that!  In fact, they take 20 seconds less time to prepare than a waffle!  And they are heartier, tastier and a more rounded breakfast for my little ladies!  And my girls LOVE them!

I heard about these little bowls of yumminess and had to find them!  I knew from the Tyson name that they had to be good. Everything I get from Tyson is.  My favorite Honey BBQ Strips, my Grilled Chicken for my salads and my chicken breast for dinners all bear the Tyson name.  I can count on them to have high quality products.  And that is as important to me as the taste!

Knowing that I could find the Breakfast Bowls in the frozen foods section of my Sam’s Club (and get them in BULK – swoon), I grabbed my keys and headed out!  When I got there I did my usual dilly dallying around looking at everything from books to ice cream to the HUGE selection of Tyson products that took up half a frozen food case!

I turned the corner to the breakfast aisle and looked up, then down.  Then up, then down.  And then down some more as my eyes landed on the prize!  These little goodies, at least at my Sam’s, are all the way at the bottom of the case!  Don’t miss them!  They are in a white box with a red Tyson logo!  Being used to the bright red packaging of most of their chicken products I almost missed them!  Once you find them just go ahead and buy three boxes.  Seriously.

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I could not get to a microwave fast enough.  Fifty seconds and a minute or two to let them cool and I would be in Breakfast Bowl happiness!  Sure enough, Tyson did not fail me!  These things are DE LI CIOUS!!!  The bread is soft and warm (HOW do they do that in a frozen food item?  It baffles me!), the sausage tastes like sausage, and the egg is creamy and wonderful.  The whole things just sort of melts in your mouth!  Add some fruit to the plate and watch as you your whole family gobbles them up!

These Breakfast Bowls are the perfect quick breakfast!  They take no time at all to open and microwave and they can be tossed on a paper towel and eaten in the car on the way to school – which we are never ever running late for – and every member of my family is happy!  And full!  And ready to tackle the day!

Pick up your Tyson Sausage Breakfast Bread Bowls at your local Sam’s Club and let me know if you agree with me that they are, in true Tyson style, amazingly good!

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