I am a very busy girl these days!  Not only am I trying to manage three little girls with multiple schedules, gymnastics, and more, I am also trying to get back to my healthy lifestyle that I had before kids!

I used to play competitive tennis 5 -6 nights a week and I miss that sweaty, sometimes overdoing it pain that feels great, and, not surprisingly, the nice body that came with it.  Three kids in 3 years and 40 pounds later, I am back to combining diet and exercise to get it all back.  I am almost 40 now and have very limited time to myself so I have to not only include my kids, but come up with activities I can do near or at home.  No more 5 hours tennis marathons at night!

So, I have recently added to my busy schedule of taking care of three daughters, a dog, and a new fish tank, being homeroom mother and more, a workout that consists of DVD’s and walking through my neighborhood!  I have started slowly but am now scheduling in my work outs!  I need to live a little healthier and bring my kids along in that habit too!

I love work out DVD’s because I can do them in the privacy of my home with no one to watch – and possibly laugh!  Plus, I can have a different work out every day and get it done when everyone else is sleeping!  And, there are no monthly dues!

I usually try to do my work outs in the mornings, though now that kindergarten has started, I am moving them to night time.  I usually put on some work out gear and some tennis shoes so that I can have some traction on my floors!  I like to lay down a yoga mat for the stretching part and then move it as things pick up!  My videos last between 25 – 45 minutes, depending on the exercise.    

And no matter how strenuous I think the work out is, I take a pain reliever right after because I have learned that I can hurt hours, even days later!  Doing this seems to cut down on the aches!  I prefer Tylenol but think that all of the big brands, like Aleve, work just as well!

So, to help me on my way, and help me add to my collection, I took myself to my local Walmart.  I knew that if I aimlessly wandered through the aisles, I would find everything I would need to keep on my path to very healthy Lori and family!

See my wandering and my amazement at their vast array of healthy lifestyle products here!

As you can see, from over the counter pain relievers which are just smart to have on hand to work out equipment, Walmart has it all.  I came home with several new work out DVD’s that I am so excited to get started on!  Plus a book on how to get healthier the smart way!

In addition, I picked up a pedometer to take with me on my morning walks!  I am so excited to see how many steps I take while pushing my three daughters in the triple stroller, dog attached on a leash, around my neighborhood loop!

I live a very busy life.  But that does not mean that I can not live a healthy, busy life.  Check in with me periodically to see what new exercise I am doing.  You never know with me!  One day, I want to say I am in better shape than before the kids!

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