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How to help Prevent a Trip to the ER with your Child #MakeSafeHappen #MyHigh5 #IC ad

Are you like me? One of the 69% of parents that know we can do more in our homes to keep our kids safe? As a mom who got a call at 9:30 at night while on a work trip telling her that her daughter was being taken to the ER for a gash on her head due to a fall from jumping on the bed, I am well aware that accidents can happen anywhere at anytime! But seeing her three staples in person when I returned from my trip had me taking a good, long look around at my home and the safety precautions that may need to be updated! Luckily, with Nationwide and Safe Kids Day, I can get some great tips and ideas that will help me secure my home so that my children don’t have to be one of the 9 million who take a trip to the ER or 9000 who dies from household accidents each year!

We all know that when our children are babies, we have to baby proof the house. But even with a 6, 8 and 9 year old, accidents can happen. Three staples can be the outcome of a seemingly innocent activity. So getting back into that baby proofing mindset is a must in almost every home in America. Even an 8 year old can try to climb up on a dresser and accidentally pull a TV down on herself! Check out some of these tips to make sure your home is still as safe as possible for your kids!

Secure TV’s, Dressers and Bookshelves

Any mom who has walked in on her child scaling a bookshelf knows how important it is that it be anchored. Using straps and anchors, you can secure heavy items to walls to prevent the child from being a casualty under the item if it topples. It takes less than 5 minutes to secure these items but a lifetime to recover if something should happen. Preventing an accident is the best way to protect your kids all together!

How to help Prevent a Trip to the ER with your Child #MakeSafeHappen #MyHigh5 #IC ad

Water Safety

Unfortunately, I know people who have had major water accidents with their kids. One died at the age of 2 in the bathtub ‘right down the hall’ and one had to be resuscitated after going under in a hot tub with her parents standing nearby. Water dangers are real. I don’t really care how old your kids are. A fall and a bump on the head can cause a drowning in a matter of minutes.  So always having your eyes on your kids, no matter what body of water they are near, is so important. Teach them to stay away from water unless an adult is around. It could save their lives! At 6, 8 and 9, I still stand near them when they are in the bath. You just never know!

How to help Prevent a Trip to the ER with your Child #MakeSafeHappen #MyHigh5 #IC ad

Accidental Poisoning

As I pointed out a few months ago, laundry pods, dish detergent pods and other items can look like candy to a child. So keep them up and out of the way all the time!

Fire Safety

This is the area I really need improvement in! Twice a year I should help my kids know how to get out of the house in case of fire. I need them to be able to get out on their own in case I am blocked off from them and what to do when they get outside. Luckily, I am in a one story house but this is important no matter where you live!

Safe Kids Day brings communities together to help everyone prevent accidents that can be life altering. Find out where your event is in your community where you can learn more!

As you think about ways that you can protect your children from accidental injuries, start by visiting the Make Safe Happen website and downloading the app. Both are resources that share age appropriate and room -specific tips to help prevent injuries! 

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