For about a month now I have has the great pleasure of utilizing Trend Micro’s Titanium security software on the Asus that we received as part of being a Digital Joneses Family!  Originally I thought it might be like any other software.  And then I installed the parental control options and immediately started to see why it was different than your run of the mill security software!

My kids play on an educational website that has certain books and things that is through my oldest daughter’s Kindergarten.  They play every day and I hear them reading and laughing and having all kinds of fun!

But the other day I was doing the dishes and I noticed that it got quiet.  Too quiet.  Especially for kids who had a pricey computer on their laps!  So I went to investigate and found only my oldest using the painting program to do artwork.  And then it hit me…  did I set up parental controls on this thing?

I did NOT!

Scurrying to preoccupy her while I protected the computer my kids learn on, I was amazed and excited to find that it took less than 60 seconds to block anything at all from my kids view.  Now, if they misspelled a word or typed the wrong thing they would be OK.  The words would still come up but the sites would not open!

Phew-  close call Mom!

I have used other softwares where I have had to go in and manually types the words or websites.  And I have used some that are less labor intensive but you can still get around.  The Trend Micro Titanium software blocks everything!  You can even block blogs!  Don’t do it because I would miss you, but still!  That is how detailed it is!  Don’t want your kids online shopping?  Block it.  Don’t want them on social network sites?  Block them.  And so on.

All with one little click!

I love that it is easy, comprehensive and that it does what it says!  Trust me, I spent some time typing in some pretty unsavory words to test it!  Take a moment to read up more on Trend Micro, the Digital Joneses and get some great tips to keep your family safe!

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