I am one lucky lady and I admit that almost daily.  Not only do I have three beautiful little girls but I have a job I love that entertains me, introduces me to things I would have never found on my own and educates me even though I think I know it all.

I have immensely enjoyed being a Digital Jones Family. And not just because I have gotten some really great electronic items and Trend Micro security software to help protect my family, but because every month I learn something more about this vast digital world we all live in.

For months now I have been back and forth on whether or not I needed a tablet.  I have two laptops, one home based and one travel, and a smartphone.  Do I really need more electronics in the house?  Or is it overload?

But in the back of my head, I knew I wanted one.  Not only for me but for my kids.  I am kind of tired of loaning out my stuff so that they can launch the latest version of Nickelodeon games.  Yes, they know how to do that.  I could not even dial a phone at 3, 4 and 6.  They can log in, search, download and more.  There is a lot of good to that.  And a lot of bad!

Luckily, there is a way to help decide what Tablets are best for your family, your digital knowledge and your budget!  Trend Micro’s Tablet Starter Buying Kit holds valuable information and links to help you decide what your family needs!  Check out this informative tool for everything from the Pro’s and Con’s of buying an iPad vs an Android device, the Tablet Shopping Guide that helps pinpoint your needs and how to protect your information on your tablet when home and out and about!

Fortunately, my flip flopping on a tablet purchase was made for me.  As part of the program, my girls and I were the lucky recipients of four Samsung Galaxy 10.1 16GB Metallic Grey Tablets.  Yea… I was over the moon stunned and excited too!  But as I opened them up, charged them up and dreamed of never having to hand over my precious laptops again, I also worried!  How would I protect my information on tablets that run on my Google accounts?

Despite these amazing Samsung Tablets – which I will review independently later – I was truly worried.   In order to set them up, I provided my personal information on my Google accounts to all of them.  And how do I keep someone from hacking in on a public Wi-Fi somewhere?  Especially when the girls and I are on a road trip using free Wi-Fi and hooking up to the internet at other people’s houses.

And when I read about Mat Honan, a man who was hacked EASILY and had his digital life turned upside down despite thinking he had the best protection, I was really worried!  So, I turned to Trend Micro!

I have already learned how to have the strongest passwords, how to make sure my computers and electronics are up to date through Digital Spring Cleaning and that I can download the Trend Micro Mobile security software that can help protect my devices while I am out and about.  Just search your Android store for the app!

But I can always learn more – especially when it comes to your NEW Tablet!  Check out the great tips below:

Set up two-factor authentication on an e-mail account that supports it. By doing this, you ensure that no one else can log into your e-mail account from a device that you have not authenticated through this system.

Don’t use the same password for all your online accounts. While this sounds like it would be difficult to do, a password management tool like DirectPass will allow you to create strong and unique passwords for each account, ensuring a criminal can’t use a ompromised password to access all your accounts at once.

– Backup all of your most important files to the cloud or to a separate hard drive. I use an external hard drive as opposeto the Cloud.  It’s important to backup your data. However you decide to do it ensures that valuables, like family pictures, aren’t deleted forever if someone illegally accesses your tablet.

– Don’t allow your browser to auto-fill forms with credit card or social security numbers. As proven by Mat’s story, credit card numbers and the last four digits of your social security number are very sensitive. If possible, try not to give these numbers out, or at least use credit cards that allow you to create one-time, virtual credit card numbers.

– Don’t use Facebook or Twitter to automatically log into accounts. I do this a LOT and need to stop! As tempting and easy as it is to do this, it is a bad idea to daisy chain accounts together like this. Linking accounts together like this just makes it easier for a hacker to vandalize your entire digital life online if they are able to gain access to your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking account. WOW!  Right?

The bottom line is that with more devices comes more opportunity for hackers to take advantage of you and me and my kids.  So, do your research, find the right tablet for your families needs and then protect it from easy access by those out there looking to make you the next target!

Want to know more about Trend Micro’s Security products and get more tips?  Check out the posts I have done regarding both!  And then head to the Digital Joneses website to learn more about the monthly challenges the participating bloggers complete as well as other informative features!

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