My dogs love to go on road trips so I need to make sure that I have everything they need to make it a safe trip! Check out my tips! #PawsToSavor ad

There is almost nothing scarier than when you get home from dinner to find your beloved dogs gone. Especially for me and my girls, who have three dogs that are most definitely a part of the family. But that is what happened. We came home from a dinner that was a school fundraiser to find a huge hole dug under the fence and two of our three dogs gone. One was Bud, our 12 year old mutt who always comes back if he gets out. But the other was Jack, also known as #oneeyedJack online. He is a 2 year old beagle that we rescued last year and is so much a part of the family that even I broke down and cried many times during the three hours it took to find him. We did, thank goodness, and he is home and happy now, but the experience was a great reminder to me on how fast pets can disappear and how much that can hurt. So as I plan for summer trips with the kids and the dogs, I want to make sure I have everything I need to savor the special love these dogs bring to us. So I am creating a travel kit with everything you need to travel with your pet this summer! This includes everything from extra leashes to quality food to tie downs and more.

My #oneeyedJack loves Purina ProPlan Savor Shredded Blend. I love that it is nutritious and lets him look and feel great! #PawsToSavor ad

I don’t waiver when it comes to food for my dogs. I have purchased Purina® Pro Plan® for years. My vet loves the brand, I love the brand and I rely on it to help my dogs live their best lives. I want my dogs to have the energy, the shiny coat and eyes and the health they need to live their longest, most active lives. Purina® ProPlan® has always been a reliable product that does just that! So to have it on the road with me when I travel with my dogs is an easy decision.

Because #pamperedPiper is family, she deserves the best I can find. Purina ProPlan Savor is always a great choice! #PawsToSavor ad

Jack had to have surgery on a puncture wound he received as a result of his great escape so on the way home from getting his sutures out, I thought he deserved a trip to the pet store. They are always welcoming to my dogs and they have everything I need to spoil them in one place. As Jack entertained the people in the store with his one glistening eye and wagging tail, I tried to think of everything I would need to make traveling with the dogs and the kids as easy as possible.Visiting PetSmart is my dog's favorite thing to do! So I take them for love, treats, Purina ProPlan Savor Shredded Blends food and more! #PawsToSavor ad

Travel Kit for Dogs Needs:

  • Container to hold it all in: I purchased a larger, air tight container to hold everything.
  • Food: Our first trip is two days, one night. So I needed two meals for each dog. So I measured out their normal serving and put it in it’s own air tight container.
  • Water bowl: I like the collapsible one because all three can drink from it and it can collapse down to take up less room while traveling.
  • Pads: Use piddle pads to place on the seats when the dogs may be dirty.
  • Treats: I take my dogs favorite treats plus some special treats for when I need them to be entertained by something other than our food in our cooler!
  • Toys: Taking  toys that they can love on while sleeping or we can use to stretch their legs on the road is important.

Pack everything your dogs need to travel in style and comfort in one container for easy access! Don't forget the water! #PawsToSavor ad

  • Lint Roller: I use these at home and in the car. But I also love them for removing dog hair off of furniture in hotel rooms. Just because a lot of chains allow dogs does not mean I have to make the housekeepers jobs harder. They are great for clothing and the car too.
  • Towels: When traveling with dogs, you never know if they will find a muddy puddle on an hike. So I always pack extra towels. They can be used as a modified dog bed in a hotel too!
  • Tie Down: If you have runners like I do, you need to be able to keep them safe while you are unable to hold a leash. Tie downs are great for keeping them safe while you are busy.

My #oneeyedJack loves visiting PetSmart to get food, treats, toys and more! #PawsToSavor ad

Along with the food I picked up, I needed a container to keep everything in. I also wanted to keep the dogs food in an airtight container like I do at home. So I found some cute containers back in the food storage area. I also am well aware that dogs need clean, readily available water at all times. Road tripping in Texas is hot so I picked up a collapsible bowl that can be pulled out for water at any time. Just pull some water out of your cooler to keep the dogs hydrated.

In addition, I picked up some toys for the dogs for the car and hotel room and a throw toy that I can use when we are wanting them to run and stretch their legs in an open field! Add to that some special treats that they will love as they curl up at the foot of the bed after a long day of exploring our state parks, some towels for their dirty paws and some pads for them to sit on in the car and I think I have all of the comforts they need to travel in style! In addition, I have a long tie down to make sure I don’t have to deal with any great escapes in an area we don’t know while we enjoy picnics in the parks.

There is more than food and treats at PetSmart. There is love too! #PawsToSavor ad

Summertime is an amazing season for all families. With travel and family time being a priority, it is important that the whole family is included and taken care of during the trips. With my travel kit for my dogs, I know I can care for them on the road as well as I care for them at home. That is important to me as I can not imagine our lives without them!