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Jack is BACK as a happy and well fed ambassador for Just Right by Purina! We know that you have a choice as to what to feed your dog but Jack thrives so much on this particular brand that we are thrilled to gush all about it! (Start your own blend here and use the code JRBPNR50 to get 50% off your first bag!).

This year Jack is passing on his love of Just Right by Purina and his custom blend to his new puppy sister, Kylie! With her energy and need to play 24/7, he really is starting to understand his need for energy supporting meals!

I will tell you, we are experts at the benefits of a custom blend dog food by now. Jack has been a Just Right by Purina Ambassador for several years now and has been a healthy, happy dog throughout. His coat remains soft, his eye bright and curious ans his nose firmly on the ground, sniffing every scent!

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One thing I really like about the brand is that, at an age when beagles start to slow down and pack on the pounds, my 5 year old boy is still sleek and energetic! So much so that when baby sister Kylie is ready to play, so is he!

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I also love that his food is delivered to my door with his photo on the front!

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To order you just click this link, use code JRBPNR50 to get your 50% off your first order and then start filling out the information. Based on your dog’s health, weight, needs and other information, Just Right by Purina will suggest a custom blend.

Add your dog’s photo and your food will be on it’s way! I usually get mine within a few days!

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This is a GREAT deal on a GREAT food that makes your life easier and your dog thrive!

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