My son absolutely loves the Transformers and we are super excited to see the new Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee being released on DVD this week!  With each new adventure, I can catch my kiddos transforming with their own Transformers right along with the show.  They have the best time pretending to save the world as they conquer the enemy as a mighty team!

Transformers Prime Ultimate Bumblebee

 While we are patiently waiting to head out and grab up this title, we can enjoy these fun printable activity sheets! These are perfect to keep in the car, making a smooth ride more enjoyable for everyone!  We love to print these activity sheets and just keep them on hand for rainy days, sleep-over crafts and birthday parties!  Print them now and save for later, that is what we like to do in our home!

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See the Awesome Clips from Transformers Prime Ultimate Bumblebee

Wildly fast-paced and adventurous, Transformers Prime Ultimate Bumblebee is heading into all new territory to bring you the best of the best moments!  This action-packed film is sure to be a crowd-pleaser as children stay tuned in to all of the autobots’ fantastic transformations!   This all new, all in one DVD pack has all of the best moments available in one place; find it at Wal-mart stores nationwide for $9.99.

See Clip #2

After watching the clips we are pumped to grab this title in our local Wal-mart, and for such a reasonable price we just might pick up a couple extra to keep on hand for upcoming birthdays!  Kids everywhere enjoy Transformers in action and no doubt this one will be a hit in our home!

On February 25th, Shout! Factory in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, is set to release Transformers Prime: Ultimate Bumblebee on DVD!

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