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I am SO SO SO excited to bring you this amazing giveaway for ADayinMotherhood.com readers and email subscribers only! Thanks to YOU, I get to work from home and take care of my three daughters and pups as a single mom. So it is time I gave back! I recently purchased a Toshiba Tecra C50 B1500 laptop computer from NeedThese, a company that provides innovative technology to schools, museums and more! I am so impressed by it that I am buying another one to give to one of YOU! There are no gimmicks and no tricks. All you have to do is either subscribe to my email list, which is sometimes daily, and share this giveaway with others that could benefit from a brand new, top of the line, laptop computer! It does not get any easier than this!

WIN a Toshiba Tecra C50 i3 Laptop Computer! #Giveaway #Win

With back to school here it is important that moms, dads and kids have the technology they need to succeed. But laptops are pricey and can be a huge strain on a family budget. Especially now when so many are spending money on new backpacks, supplies, clothing and more! So I am thrilled that I am in a position where I can offer this to one of my hard working readers!

Now, a lot of you already subscribe to my email. So on the first entry just say you did it. Then share like crazy for additional entries! Then you can share once on social media or every day for extra entries. As you may know, ADayinMotherhood.com is a business. So the more than know about us and our page, the more we can bring to you! Like more laptop giveaways!

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I hope you will leave a comment, just because I love hearing from people who come to see me! But that is option as well, along with the shares. Only email subscriptions are required. Oh, and I am picking right from my list so if I check an email and it is not there when the contest is over, I have to disqualify you from winning. That’s just fair to everyone.

Now you may notice that the giveaway ends at the end of the month. Yes, that is long but I want to give as many people as possible a chance to enter! So please bear with me as I extend this longer than my usual week long giveaways!

Now it is time to enter!! But before you do please know that I appreciate every single one of you. Every Like on  my Facebook page, every love on my Instagram, every Retweet, Repin is so appreciated. I notice, I am grateful and I hope to bring you more awesome giveaways to show that!!

WIN a Toshiba Tecra C50 i3 Laptop Computer! #Giveaway #Win

Giveaway Open to US Residents ONLY, 18+. Giveaway Ends 8/31/2015



Buy this laptop on Amazon. It retails at $619 there :)

Read more about NeedThese and what they can offer your school district too! (they are not sponsors for this giveaway)

WIN a Toshiba Tecra C50 i3 Laptop Computer! #Giveaway #Win