**Originally published April 12, 2011**

Yesterday was Monday.  Tomorrow is Wednesday.  But today is Tuesday.  A day to get up, get going, and get things done.

Right after I have some coffee.

A day that all three kids are home – no preschool – and the laundry needs to have a dent made in it, the floors need to be attended to to retain their natural ugliness, and the bathrooms need some TLC.

Right after I have some more coffee.

Today is Tuesday

A day when I need to come up with a plan to counter act the amazingly devastating financial news we received last night and deal with the personally traumatic bit of news received this morning.

Hold on…  gotta have a sip.

I need to help my girls finish planting the garden, clean their rooms, color with them, play with them, feed them, and tend to them with no signs of the stresses of the adult world shining through.   Because they are kids and need to stay kids as long as possible.

Whoops-  need more coffee.

I need to pray.  Hard.  Harder.  No – harder than that.  Yea – that hard.

Ahhh -that coffee is good.

And I need to get it all together, do it with style, with a smile on my lips instead of yells in my lungs, fiercely protecting their day from the negative. Because they are too young to know the truth.  They need childhood to last longer.

And I need to do all of this on less than 3 hours of sleep, for the 12th day in a row {yes, I have been counting}, with no energy and tears lodged in my throat and fear screaming from my headache.

Oh sweet wonderful coffee…  thank you for providing the imaginary toothpicks for my eyelids.

It may be a hard day, it may be a scary day, it may be a day that I want to run screaming through the neighborhood at the top of my lungs just to get it all out.

But it is also a day in my children’s lives.  And for them, I have to try to put everything else aside, focus on being a mommy and try to remember that all that matters is that today is Tuesday.

Oh sweet love of coffee nectar, I love you.

Now let’s get this day started!

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