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Tips on Dealing with Stress one Letter at a Time #StressLess2BMyBest #ad

At 42 years old, I have learned a little about life. Accelerated by an unconventional childhood, single motherhood and the added pressure to support my children and I with a business out of my home, I think I have learned a lot more about life than I should have by now. One of my favorite lines to friends is that you can’t sweat the small stuff and you can’t change the big stuff. All you can do is put your big girl panties on, take a deep breath and approach everything with kindness and dedication. However, with three young children, a house that is in constant need of something and a budget that always needs to be fed, I do have my stressed out, can’t seem to calm down and think straight moments. Recently I discovered some natural help that is available over the counter. Wherever stress finds me– I can be ready by taking natural RESCUE. I can take on stress and be at my best!

Tips on Dealing with Stress one Letter at a Time #StressLess2BMyBest #ad

RESCUE can be used when you are feeling stressed out and unable to regain your inner calm. It is a natural remedy which really seems to work. I have been using it during a particularly stressful time of home improvement and dealing with unpleasant relationships. I only take it when I can’t relax and put things in perspective. And then I can remember that STRESS is just a 6 letter word!

S – Sound out the chatter. When I get stressed out, sometimes talking about it helps, but most of the time I need to sit by myself, in a quiet place and work it out on my own. Sharing things that are concerning and worrisome on social media is generally the worse thing I can do. Way too many opinions from people who don’t really know me!

T – Trust your instincts. In times of great stress, we have an internal dialogue going on. Sometimes if we listen to that dialogue and trust our instincts, we can eliminate the stressors more quickly and productively. Fighting against yourself just adds to the stress, I think.

Tips on Dealing with Stress one Letter at a Time #StressLess2BMyBest #ad

R – RESCUE – Have it on hand, take 4 or more of them when your shoulders tighten and your breath quickens and you can’t get out of it. The black current flavor is really good and it will help calm you.

E – End the negativity. Sometime when we get stressed out, we blame ourselves or lash out at the ones causing the stress. But the truth is that negativity can perpetuate stress. So try to make a positive statement when you can. It will help you see things more clearly.

S – Study the options. Some situations just have to pass. But on the ones where you can help get the stress out of your life, study the options. The internet allows us to now know many things we can do about something. Study and decide which is best for you.

S – Get good sleep. The number one thing I let go of when I am stressed out, mainly because my mind won’t stop, is sleep. RESCUE also has a natural sleep remedy that I keep in my bedroom table for those occasions. Sleeping can help you wake up with a clearer mind and a healthier body which can help eliminate stress in your life!

Tips on Dealing with Stress one Letter at a Time #StressLess2BMyBest #ad

Find RESCUE at your local drugstore or pharmacy. Keep it on hand when you need something to help calm you so you can deal with the stress in your life.

What advice do you have for dealing with stress? I would love to hear!