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You ain’t missing nothing ‘Cause love is so damn hard

Every once in a while a song comes along and perfectly fits into your life. It sings the words you could not form. Expresses the emotion you feel but can not explain. It solidified the thoughts that filter through your head in your quietest moments. The Tin Man song by Miranda Lambert is that song for me right now. Six years after the failure of my marriage I still wonder how I will ever recover from that broken heart.

The Tin Man Song by Miranda Lambert Has Me Asking: Do I Need a Heart?

Listen to this beautiful song and watch her perform it live November 8 on the CMA Awards!

If you have never had a broken heart then you have not lived. I don’t know who said it or where I heard it but every time I think of that line, I scoff a little. Not because I do not appreciate the love I feel for my children, my friends and family and my pets, but because a broken heart hurts. Often for years to come. When it ‘heals’, it never is quite the same. I still remember my very first broken heart and still feel a sadness when I think of the details. Six years after my divorce, I still feel the sharp pain of letting my girls down as the marriage fizzled into dissolution.

By the way there, Mr. Tin Man If you don’t mind the scars, You give me your armor And you can have my hear

Miranda Lambert has been through the ringer. We all know it because we all saw it unfold in the tabloids. To add insult to the dissolution of her marriage, she had to watch her husband move on with another woman quickly. As if their relationship never mattered to him. As if the back she carried him on was only meant for stepping on as he moved on to what he perceived to be a better life. It is hard to watch that and to live through it. I know because my ex-husband did the exact same thing. Moving in with his girlfriend before the door even closed on him when I kicked him out.

The Tin Man Song by Miranda Lambert Has Me Asking: Do I Need a Heart? yes

If you ever felt one breaking You’d never want a heart

I hear my pain in this song. I hear my thoughts in this song. I hear my resolve in this song. I hear me in this song. I think anyone who has ever had a broken heart, no matter how it happened, can relate to the outpouring of emotion that makes the Tin Man song by Miranda Lambert an anthem for anyone searching for the meaning behind it.

You shouldn’t spend your whole life wishin’ For something bound to fall apart

Miranda Lambert has moved on and her life has improved as time has gone on. Just as I have recovered and live a much more fulfilling and happier life than I ever did being married to my ex. Life has gone on. Life is amazing and happy and full of love for my children and those in my life. I have no complaints.

The Tin Man Song by Miranda Lambert Has Me Asking: Do I Need a Heart? sometimes

But the sting of a shattered dream, the sound of a trusting heart breaking and the trails of the tears that represent the loss are still present. I love that Miranda Lambert put her pain into words. Hopefully her words will make all of us feel a little less alone.

Be sure to tune into the CMA’s November 8 to see Miranda Lambert sing the Tin Man song!

What song speaks to you in your life?