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Even though Tiggly Counts doesn’t launch until October 21, they’ve already won the 2014 Tillywig Brain Child Award as one of the most “exciting products that energize the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning.” Yea, they won 7 other awards too.

I have three daughters that all love to read. But math… well… I did not push that as much as maybe I should have. Sure, they are OK in it, but my oldest struggles and my youngest has no interest at all. She also has no interest in being anything but the baby of the family, but that is another post. Right now, I am excited to share a tool that I wish I had had when teaching my kids counting and beginning math! Tiggly Counts is the FIRST iPad Math toy for ages 3 and up!

NEW Tiggly Counts, the Preschool Counting Tool

The basics are simple. Tiggly Counts is a toy that your child can place on the iPad and use with the three included apps to help your toddler learn counting and so much more.  Tiggly Counts comes with 3 free learning apps and a felt carrying pouch for easy storage & transportation. Tiggly Counts looks to me like it is something  really special. I see all kinds of products as the owner of ADayinMotherhood.com and I like this concept a lot. Tiggly Counts seems to be the missing piece to the thousands of math apps that exist today. It is the physical piece that deliver math learning in a way digital devices alone can’t.

I think this is going to be a truly unique gameplay experience that merges physical and digital play in an engaging and developmentally appropriate way. We all know that young kids love tablets and that they love to be interactive. A busy mind with math on it is a good thing and we all know it!

NEW Tiggly Counts, the Preschool Counting Tool

Inspired by classic cuisenaire rods used in Montessori education, Tiggly Counts includes a set of five colorfulcounting Toys that interact with three parent- and educator-approved Tiggly iPad learning apps. The combination of physical and digital play helps children develop their number sense, counting skills, and understanding of math operations, such as addition and subtraction. Plus, it does not require any additional objects aside from the counting toys and the iPad. No worries about whether the bluetooth is on!

The apps are out and able to be downloaded FREE on iTunes on October 9, 2014.  AND, as of today, October 7, 2014, you can get Tiggly Counts 30% OFF with the presale! 

NEW Tiggly Counts, the Preschool Counting Tool

The apps included are:

  • Tiggly Addventure:  Tiggly sets off an adventure to deliver the most delicious apple in Tiggly Town to his beloved grandmother! Along the way, Tiggly will need you to use your counting toys to build bridges, ladders, and much more to help him overcome challenges on the land, sea, and even outer space! Tiggly Addventure introduces the child to number line concepts while helping him improve his number sense and counting skills.
  • Tiggly Cardtoons:  A world of playful and surprising learning comes alive at the speed of imagination as your child uses their counting toys. Two pieces of cardboard become a juggling owl, or a hungry shark with a taste for apples, or a rumbling truck carrying… snakes?!  Tiggly Cardtoons will help your child learn basic math ideas such as one-to-one matching, counting, and equal sets.
  • Tiggly Chef:  Emergency in the kitchen! Tiggly Town’s greatest, most mustachioed Chef needs help, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his preposterously silly recipes. Think you can beat the Chef at his own game? Devise your own kooky culinary concoctions in one of Chef’s three kitchens!  Chef will help your child learn numbers and early addition concepts; he will introduce him/her to math symbols, and encourage them to follow instructions and to think flexibly.

Hurry to Tiggly Counts now and get your 30% OFF this innovative toy that is taking teaching young kids math to a whole new level! If they learn to love it early, they will love it forever!

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