Who is ready for a tickety-tockety good time?? We love tickety Toc and their racing adventures! Tommy and Tallulah keep the beat in Tickety Town’s special event: “Christmas Present Time!”  This brand new, half-hour special of Tickety Toc will air Saturday December 14 on Nick Jr.  Come and join the fun while Tommy and Tallulah have an energetic episode full of laughter while saving Christmas for Tickey Town!

tickety toc

There is always fun in Tickety Town and these two lovable characters know exactly where to find the adventures! We can barely wait to see how the clock ticks in this brand new episode! Christmas Eve always brings excitement and anticipation for children everywhere, including Tickety Town.  As the people of Tickety Town are hurriedly preparing for the special holiday, they find themselves suddenly in the middle of potential disaster when Santa crashes his sleigh causing complete upheaval.

tickety toc

The situation becomes especially concerning when the sleigh is broken, the reindeer have caught a chill and the presents have landed all over Tickety Town!  Tommy and Tallulah work to restore Christmas before it is too late, and since they are “quickety tickety” the town can count on them to devise a plan! 

tickety toc
to devise a plan!  Tommy and Tallulah will surely be the ones to restore order back to Tickety Town and save Christmas for all of the girls and boys!  This special episode is full of exhilarating festive fun with a Christmas son that will have the whole family joining in to sing! This episode will be one that that everyone in the family can really enjoy!

“Christmas Present Time!” will also air December 24th and December 25th; be sure to tune in and join the Tickety Toc friends for a celebration!

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