We live in Texas.  Texas has monster sized mosquitoes and other bugs that, literally, eat us alive!  And we can not stand it when we have our summer BBQ’s or birthday parties and our guests are scratching like crazy and going inside to avoid them all!

For a while now, we have depended on Cutter Insect Repellent products to protect us from the insects that ‘bug’ us when we are trying to relax and have a good time with our friends!

This summer we have no less than four events planned for our back yard.  In fact, we are having one this weekend.  A celebratory “Kick off to Summer” BBQ!  We have a ton of neighbors, friends and family coming so we are going to debug the backyard!  No easy task when you live on an acre, but I know we can do it!

See my entire prep for this party below:

The first thing I did was put my husband to work getting the backyard ready for so many guests and their children.  I do not want the fun to be tainted by scratching from bug bites!  So I handed him the Cutter Backyard Big Control Concentrate and the Backyard Bug Fogger!  He sprayed the yard with the Concentrate and then sprayed the clumps of plants and trees we have with the Fogger.  It took him all of 10 minutes and we were ready to go!  Read the back labels on the Cutter products for full usage instructions.

While he worked, I headed to the store and picked up the food that I was going to grill!  Sausage, chicken, beans, hamburgers, hot dogs and more!  I got chips, veggies trays and fruit trays too!  Juices, water, sodas and beer rounded out the store trip!

I got home and started to prepare!  The Cutter Backyard products were dry so I lit the Cutter® CitroGuard™ Triple Wick Candle, put the Cutter® Dry Insect Repellent and the Natural Insect Repellent on the table right by my back door so everyone could spray and then placed some great fact cards about Cutter next to them!

Nobody was getting a single bite at this party!

I am SO excited about my Kickoff the Summer BBQ this weekend!!  Come back and see how it went later today!

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