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My 7 year old is a Creative Thinker and  Analyst Extraordinaire! Of course, as her mom, I already kind of knew this, but after having her sit and take the Strength Profile questionnaire on Thrively.com, I am more able to understand her and help her decide how to proceed to be the best she can be!

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Thrively is a clever website that helps you determine the best activities and more for your kids that help build on their strengths. Summer Camps, online classes, activities around town and more are all given to you after your child takes the assessment.

The assessment is easy. Designed for kids ages 7 – 13, it asks a series of questions to help determine your child’s strengths. Katie is on the younger side, at 7, so the 25 minute assessment had to be broken into two sessions. I walked away for most of it but at times I had to come explain some of the more difficult questions. I was truly surprised at the way she answered some of the questions so it was eye opening for me to sit back and watch.

Some of the questions are even fun! Check out Katie answering one of them:

When she was finished with her questions she was as anxious as I was to see if the things she truly loves, like reading and writing, were her strengths. She was thrilled to see that, indeed, she was a creative thinker. I had to explain analyst extraordinaire but she agreed when I did that she was very analytical.

Once her questions were done and we understood them, we were able to find camps and activities in the area and in other states where she could build on her strengths. While I am not going to send my 7 year old on a camping trip to New York, I was excited to see so many options in my area. In addition, there are a few online options where she can thrive as well.

Thrively.com #Thrively

While I scrolled around and marked my favorites, she told me how excited she was to get started.  I let her watch a few videos from known success stories, like Mark Bezos, and she drank it in. He talked all about the lessons of being a volunteer and now Katie wants to go do that more.

I really am excited to see so many options to help guide my girl in areas that will truly interest her and keep her working on her strengths all through elementary school!

Thrively.com #Thrively

Thrively.com is a Free assessment tool that you should have your kids sit down and do! With Summer right around the corner, it can be a valuable tool for picking the perfect summer camp for your kids!

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Summer Camp was an amazing experience for me growing up! Rocky River Ranch in Wimberly, TX was the site of many awesome summer memories. So to have my girls go one day is a must! I love that Thrively.com will help me find the perfect one when the time comes!

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