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I have a BRAND NEW teenager in the house. She turned 13 yesterday and is definitely starting to show me the teenaged girl moodiness. I fear smiles will be few and far between, childlike play will be a distant memory and her friends will morph me in the order of importance in her life. Unless she needs a ride. Or money. Or the batteries changed on the TV remote. I also have two tweens in the house that are constantly needing me for menial tasks as opposed to the hugs and kisses of toddler-hood. This is just motherhood. The morphing of a mom who will snuggle to a mom who will turn the house upside down looking for batteries for the mirror ball for her locker or the AAAs for her daughter’s handheld crane machine. Luckily, I learned long ago that the tasks can be far between if I stock up on Duracell batteries. I just got the NEW Duracell Optimum batteries, which you can find at your local H-E-B stores, that will keep my kids powered up all school year long! They are a vital part of three must-haves for tweens and teens!

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Duracell Optimum batteries can deliver extra life* in some devices or extra power* in others vs. Coppertop! They are Duracell’s highest energy disposable batteries yet. They come in a storage tray that is reusable and helps keep them organized in one place. As a mom whose junk drawer is a little too scary to open, this is a time saver like no other! 

 *Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Isn’t everything rechargeable now? Don’t my tweens only need chargers? And patience? Do I really need to ‘stock up’ on batteries?

Yes. I have learned. Yes. You do. Because it is amazing how many items need batteries that we may not think about.


*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

Don’t tell my 10-, 11- and 13-year-olds that I called their precious hand held games ‘toys.’ It would not go over well. But, in reality, the little games that they walk around with, challenging each other to a dual on, are, in fact, ‘toys’ that they need batteries for. Hence the need for the stock up. It will happen. The batteries will die in the middle of their ‘highest score ever, MOM!‘ and it will be my job to replace them in a timely manner so they can continue their quest. Having a reliable battery brand like Duracell Optimum on hand in both AA and AAA sizes insures that they will have less meltdowns and more ‘highest score ever’ game days. You can purchase these AA and AAA batteries in packs of 4, 6, and 12. 

Locker Loot

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

A major fun thing for my kids that are in intermediate school is the locker decoration. My teen is not so into it anymore, as she says she does not even use her locker in junior high, but the 5th and 6th graders are way into it. Unfortunately, little items like locker chandeliers and mirror balls require batteries that will hopefully last, even if they leave them on overnight every now and then. Duracell Optimum will make it through, thus making that little light at the top of the messy locker shine day in and day out! 

Room Decor

We just did a major makeover on Megan’s room. She L O V E S it and a major component of the ‘grown up room’ is string lights. She found some super cute ones that were safe to thread into her loft bed. But they don’t plug in, so they need 2 AA Duracell Optimum batteries. Since she uses these as her ‘night lights’, it is imperative that they turn on and stay on when she needs them to! 

Enter Duracell Optimum batteries. They can last and provide the light that my ‘big girl’ still needs when she has ‘little girl’ fears in her dark room. 


Do I even need to list this one? Gaming remotes, remotes for TVs, remotes for that bluetooth speaker they need to jam out to their playlist, and on and on it goes! There never seem to be enough batteries in this house to feed all of the remotes. But I know that the NEW Duracell Optimum batteries will make changing remote batteries less of a chore!

*Delivers extra life or extra power, vs. Coppertop AA/AAA in a wide range of devices.

I trust the brand, have them – now in a handy and organized tray – and know that they will work when I ask them to! That is why Duracell continues to be the #1 trusted brand.

What items do your teens use that need batteries?