**Originally posted March 15, 2011**

This morning, the girls got me up pushing on my forehead –  a habit that drives me mad – and started with a bang. Mommy, I need… Mommy, I want, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.

Gearing up for one of “those days”, I poured my tired, achy self onto my bedroom floor.  Trudging into my bathroom to wash my face, brush my teeth, and pull my hair into it’s trademark ponytail, I almost cringed when I turned and saw all three daughters watching me.  ‘Not a moment alone.’, I thought.

there are good days too

And then Katie said, “WOW Mom, you look pretty!” – we are raising her to have low expectations!

And the Sarah said, “Your hair is so pretty!” – ponytails are the new fashion statement.. right?

And Megan wanted to brush her teeth and hair too.  And that is just plain cutey patootey fun!

Feeling a little less like a zombie, I head to the kitchen with gaggle of girls on my tail.  All three were asking for milk, bananas, toast, cookies, ice cream and other things that I will be serving non stop for the next 10 hours.  That they will eat almost none of.

I ask them kindly – and by kindly I mean with fury in my tone – to please let Mommy get her coffee first.  They oblige but without skipping a beat on their demands.

Ahh – savory liquid that gives me that boost, how I love you.

My moment stolen by the increasing volume of my children’s voices, I turn to take care of their needs.  Once happy, I plop them down in front of their latest obsession, Team Umizoomi, and walk to the computer.

They leave me be for a whole 30 minutes.  Plenty of time to drink my coffee and stare at my emails.  I am a very happy mommy!

And so we have been set up or one of those “good days”.  The ones where the fights are at a minimum, the mommy is in a good mood, and things get done! A day that will roll along smoothly oiled with little bumps.

And so it goes.  We play outside, the sunshine bouncing off of my three sandy haired girls.  Running and jumping and laughing out loud.  We have a picnic lunch, throw the ball for the dogs, and just enjoy being mother and daughters.

Happiness prevails as the more important emotion, drowning out possible fights, whines, and obliterating the bad memories of the days that were not so good.

It is funny how that happens.  How one good day after a string of frustrating, tiring, unrewarding ones can alter a mindset and recharge hope and make me feel like a good mommy.  How the smiles seem brighter, the hugs seem tighter, and the chores seem more manageable.

If only all days could be like that!

But I guess is they were, I would never have the chance to realize that, despite my complaining and self – doubt, there are good days too!

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