A week ago I came back to the reality that chicken, macaroni and cheese and corn is a balanced, healthy dinner for my kids.  But for 8 days and 7 nights prior to that, I got to eat like a Princess.  It was made for me, delivered and beautifully plated.  And not one thing that I ate on The Disney Magic Cruise ship in their 3 amazing restaurants was not good!

Chocolate Pudding

So, just a little note.  In case you did not know, Disney Cruise Lines is the only line that offers rotational dining in three gourmet, 5 star restaurants.  A previous cruise I went on offered 1 free restaurant and you ate there every day for every meal unless you wanted to pay for the other places on board.  On Disney, you get to rotate from Animator’s Palace to Parrot Cay to Lumiere’s with a different theme and style of food every night.   It was so amazing!  And there is a kids menu that has the basics AND some fun new choice as well!

In addition, 24 hours room service to your Stateroom is F R E E!!!  Yea – you read that right.  There are some pay items – like popcorn – but the bulk of the food is FREE and delivered to your room.  Perfect for that late night need for milk if you are already in your jammies!

The Disney Magic

So, what better way to show you what you get than to show you!!  Enjoy the slide show of some of the amazing foods on The Disney Magic!  I know… they are mostly desserts ;)

I know the photos are dark but seriously, can’t you just TASTE the amazing foods?  You can tell from day one that the chefs aboard the Disney Cruise lines take great pride in serving amazing, eclectic, delicious food for every meal!

Want to go on a Disney Cruise?  Sail out of GALVESTON, TX!  Included in the 2013 schedule are trips to JAMAICA!!  Book now and take the family on an adventure that everyone will love!

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