HD Movie.  High Sensitivity ISO 200-12800.  3.0 Xtra Fine LCD 3.0″/ 7.5cm.  Smart Accessory Terminal.  Optical Steady Shot. 3D Ready.

These are all terms prominently displayed on the box for the Sony Alpha Nex-3 Camera that I received, completely by surprise, when I was in New York this week for the opening of the Chocolate Museum featuring Ms. Brown, the newest candy personality from Mars and M&M candies.  A huge thanks goes to Courtney Velasquez and Lauren Rodkin at Collective Bias for arranging this spectacular surprise!

Lauren and Courtney of Collective Bias

I don’t really know what a lot of the things printed on the box mean.  But I DO know this.  This camera is AMAZING!  I feel like a real photographer with this lightweight, easy to handle camera strapped around my neck.  It shoots photos faster than I have ever had with any other of the other cameras we have owned and the clarity of the photos are sharp and clear.

As a mom, I need a camera that is easy to use but still preserves those valuable, once in a lifetime shots that remind me of special moments in my life and in my children’s lives.  As a blogger, I need clear and crisp photos that can show my readers the things I am talking about in detail.

I have been disappointing time after time with point and shoot cameras.  The photos are always sub-par and the quality of the cameras have been questionable.  In fact, every single point and shoot camera we have had has broken in one way or another fairly soon after we have gotten them.  And not all of it can be blamed on the kids.

So, my husband and I were in the market for a larger, better quality camera with interchangeable lenses that would allow us to get those shots we needed up close, far away and even when our girls were flying through the air on their new tree swing.  It broke our heart that we were missing those perfect shots while they were on a large stage doing their cheer this year!  But the camera we thought we needed was very expensive, bulky, complicated to use and even more difficult to try to keep safe while juggling three young children.  So, we’ve been hesitant to buy.

If only we had thought to look for something in between.  A camera that was small enough to give us the convenience of a point and shoot but versatile enough to allow the lenses we want for the specialty photos we need as our kids grow!

The Sony Alpha Interchangable Lens Camera solves all of our problems in one camera!

I love, love, love, love this camera!  Aside from being more than thrilled to have such a high quality camera to snap shots of Ms. Vanessa Williams at the Mars event, I am over the moon excited to try out all of its wonderful features!  I can shoot panoramic scenes, HD movies, and it is 3D ready.  It has settings to shoot things in motion (children), has shooting tips right on the screen (much needed for me), allows one touch removal of the lens and flash (great for using it as a point and click) and is small enough to hang around my neck and use at a moments notice!

A photo in low light taken with the Sony

I have barely even scraped the surface on the available features at the touch of a finger on this camera!

If you are in the market for an easy to use, elegantly styled, high quality camera that will fit comfortably in your lifestyle, take some time to get to know the Sony Alpha Nex-3 Interchangable Lens Camera!  I bet you’ll be as thrilled as I am with mine!

Another wonderful photo taken in low light by a photograph amateur, me!

And a HUGE thank you again to Collective Bias and Sony for providing me with this amazing camera!

**This camera was given to me as a gift.  There was no monetary exchange made.  My writings and opinions are mine and can not be copies or reproduced without my prior permission.  Please seem my disclaimers page for more information.**