I was in the car the other day with three screaming kids.  One was upset because she wanted the windows up.  One wanted them down.  And the third was mad because she did not want to be left out.  I was completely flustered when I realized that I needed gas.

Groaning because stopping meant it would prolong the headache that was pounding but knowing that running out of gas was completely out of the question, I pulled into the gas station that always has the lowest prices in my area, MurphyUSA.  I pulled into the bay, reached down to get my purse and remembered that it was in the back seat, in my youngest daughters hands and that it would take forever to find all of the things that were supposed to be in my wallet.  In my attempt to keep her happy I had stuff everywhere.

Frustrated and all three kids still screeching their beefs, I remembered that I had signed up for MurPay, the text pay option on the MurphyUSA App.  I did not need to crawl around on my minivan floor to find my credit card.  I simply opened the app on my iPhone, hit the MurPay button, chose how much I wanted to spend on gas that day and hit send.  Within moments, my code was on my phone.  I chose the “Pay using MurPay” option on the pump, entered my code and started pumping.

No credit card, no zip code, no worries that I might stick my card in my back pocket and later find it at the bottom of the washing machine.  Not that I would ever do that…

PLUS, MurphyUSA automatically rolled back the gas prices to the lowest posted in the last 24 hours OR $0.03 cents off a gallon. Automatically!  Easy to use, money saving and kinda fun to use too, the MurPay option on the MurphyUSA App for Android or iPhone is a win win all around!


Check out the whole process below:

MurphyUSA, once again, has created an innovative and easy way to get something we all need… gas.  The MurPay option keeps parents from having to hand out credit cards to teens, help keep the gas budget under control and get the lowest gas prices in the last 24 hours at MurphyUSA.

Here is a video of me in action using the MurPay option:

If you run a fleet of vehicles for your business, limit and control your gas costs per employee without having to keep track of all of the gas cards and people turning in receipts!  This great app has so much potential to save you money, control your budget and help you pay in a hurry!

Download the MurphyUSA App now and use the MurPay option!  Come back and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

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