We currently have a bed that we bought from my mother in law a few years back that was supposed to be the most comfortable way to sleep ever!  And, at times, it can be.  But the mattress is already starting to show it’s age and dip and it is desperately hot and every time I sleep on it, my back pays the price.  So, I generally end up on the couch or in one of my kids bed to get some decent, pain free sleep.

The other day I wandered into a Sleep Number store. I have been curious about their beds for a while and just wanted to see if they really had something unique!

I was warmly greeted, explained I was a blogger and interested in checking out the store and what they had to offer and we headed over to their new m7 Memory Foam mattress.  My salesperson, Kandi, was super cool and incredibly informative! I will try to relay some of the stuff that I learned at the Sleep Number store.  There is a LOT about these beds that are fantastic!

First of all, I was completely shocked at how quietly the bed operates to inflate and deflate the air chambers!  The adjustable bed we have now will wake a sleeping baby but the m7 was smooth and quiet and wonderful!

I laid down on the m7, which is the bed with the Memory foam and was immediately treated to a firm, comfortable surface.  A little hard for my taste, Kandi reduced my number to 35 and I felt my ultimate comfort!  I then laid on the bed that has the IndividualFit technology attached that would help me see where my pressure points were and why I can not get a good night sleep.

Sure enough, the model showed in red where the weight of my body added pressure.  By having that pressure in certain areas, it adds an unnatural curvature to my back, thus causing my back pain.  By reducing the 24-gauge rubber air champers that are virtually indestructible inside the mattress, we were able to reduce my pressure points and create a natural curve for my back.  And then, they emailed me my model!  That is my photo below.

This is really great technology and it confirmed my fears that my current memory foam mattress was not supporting me correctly.  Thus the back pain I have every time I sleep on it!

Check out my entire experience below:

Here are some other great facts I learned at the Sleep Number store:

– The Memory Foam beds unzip allowing users to replace the foam that is layered over the air chambers.  Over time, the foam breaks down – it can’t help it.  On a traditional memory foam mattress, grooves are formed where you normally lay (we have these now) and the mattress can not be fixed.  But because you can unzip and replace the memory foam layer in the Sleep Number beds, for a fraction of the cost of a new mattress, you can, literally, have this mattress for life!

– Do you sleep hot?  I do.  Our current mattress is very hot!  You can add a In Balance temperature cover to the Sleep Number beds which helps draw heat away from your body and helps regulate your temperature all night long.  It was “flip the pillow for the cooler side on a hot summer day” awesome to lay on!

– People who suffer from allergies can benefit from the True Silver fibers that will provide superior protection from dust mites and pet dander!  We all hear how much “muck” can get sucked into our mattresses from just sleeping on them.  These allergy busting fibers can help protect against them affecting our sleep!

Next time you are out and about – and especially if you are shopping for a new mattress, stop into your local Sleep Number store!  Get your number and see how much better your sleeping hours can be!

**I will receive a complimentary product as a participate of Smiley360.com Sleep Number program.  100% of the opinions and writings are ADayinMotherhood.com’s and can not be duplicated without prior permission.  Images and links were used with permission.**