We see it everywhere!  Especially at this time of the year.  That symbolic pink logo that everyone from celebrities to your child’s teachers wears.  That breast cancer logo pink ribbon that curls around and symbolizes a person’s support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

We all know how devastating breast cancer is, I think.  I know so many who have a mother, sister, aunt or friends who have faced this difficult battle.  Some have won and some have lost.  And only with our help and support can we really make a dent in the diagnosys and treatment of breast cancer.

I have never had a mammogram.  Have you? I will be 40 in November and it will be time for my annual ones.  I have never felt a lump nor do I have a family history so there has been no real reason to have one yet.  Honestly, I am terrified of getting one.  But a lot less terrified than finding out that I have cancer and it has advanced because I was not treated early.  So, at 40, I will call my doctor’s office and schedule one.  Maybe I’ll share my experience here so that other’s like me, going for their first, can share their stories too!

Regardless of my personal story, I do see the breast cancer logo everywhere!  But I am starting to see variations that differ from the original logo.  The original logo was created to help support the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s walkers in New York City in the early 90’s during the foot race that took place annually.

You can now find the breast cancer logo on everything from pens to pizza’s to clothing.  And every purchase that bears that symbol donates a portion to breast cancer awareness and treatment.  If you have a product or website that you would like to use the breast cancer logo on, you can contact the Susan G. Komen foundation, find one free on the internet or have one designed for you.

As long as we all are in it together, we can make a difference!

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