School starts for us in less than two weeks! And we are in full prep mode!  Our schedule is up, we are shopping for supplies and clothing and trying to get used to a regular bedtime.

Hot Pockets are stuffed with yumminess! #HotPocketSnacks

One of the things I am trying to decide now is what after school snacks will be big hits with my kids.  Mainly so I can start stocking up now and also because last year, I was at a total loss and ended up scrounging for things to feed them.  I’d much prefer to be organized, ready to go and less stressed.

At least for the first week!

Hot Pockets are easy to find in the Frozen Food Aisle at Walmart #HotPocketSnacks

So I packed up my kids and headed to the frozen food aisle at Walmart.  I needed to look for the school supplies list for my daughter anyway and I knew they had the Back to School Displays up!

Now, just so you know, Hot Pockets are not new to me at all.  I lived on them for many, many years.  They are a super easy snack, fast to heat up, convenient to hold and are just really good!  But I have not purchased them in a while.  No reason, really. I think I just got caught up on baby food and diapers and just sort – of forgot about them, really!

But I am excited to see some new varieties and see what’s changed and to see what my kids like!

Check out the Limited Edition Varieties too! #HotPocketSnacks

I have to say, I was more than impressed with the selection of Hot Pockets! And so were my girls! From the Limited Edition Chili Cheese Dog Stuffers – oh my goodness, yummy, right? – to the classic Pepperoni and Meatball and Mozzarella, my girls and I weighed in on which ones we thought they would like for afternoon and after school snacks!

My Pepperoni loving Sarah was easy.  Megan opted for Ham and Cheese – not really a surprise there either, but Katie did shock me with her choice of the Cheeseburger SideShots.  I also grabbed my forever favorite, Meatballs and Mozzarella and we were done.  Well, after we picked up some ice cream and frozen yogurt. I was shopping with kids, after all!

You can see my whole shop below:


I could not wait to get our Hot Pockets home and see what my kids thought of one of moms old favorites!

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but Hot Pockets are super easy to make.  They come with with sleeves that you slide the pocket into for the microwave.  Two minutes and you are all done heating up this fun and filling snack!  Perfect for kids to come home and make themselves!

Everyone gets the variety they want! #HotPocketSnacks

So Sarah helped me put two Hot Pockets in their microwave sleeves and Megan helped me put some SideShots on the plate to heat up.  All of the items went in the microwave at the same time and in three minutes, we have some really good, warm snacks!

I have to tell you, I was a little surprised at how much my kids LOVED the Hot Pockets!  I was not aware of all of the ‘improvements’ they have made to the product since I last had them!  The outer crust is soft and easy for even little kids to bite into and the inside is stuffed with ingredients!  And let’s face it, that IS the best part, right?

My kids gobbled up the Hot Pocket snacks and Katie declared, “This is the best Hot Pockets I ever had!”

So I am thrilled!  Because now I have an easy, affordable, fast snack for those tired kids that will be coming in from school with a hungry belly and no patience for a long prep time!

I’ll be stocking up in the next two weeks!  In fact, I already have on my grocery list for the weekend to get one of the family packs!  At only $10.88 for 12, I am spending only $0.91 per pocket!  That is fantastic to me!

The Cheeseburger SideShots are Delicious #HotPocketSnacks

Have you tried Hot Pockets lately? The classics are delicious, the Limited Edition varieties are fun and everyone here gives them a big A+!

Pick some up at your local Walmart and watch your kids fill their bellies with some great afternoon or after school snacks!

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